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“What you call pimps, we call managers.”

Too Much To Say For Myself

That quote comes courtesy of Douglas Fox:

As you might have noticed our old friend Douglas Fox is back in the news again, this time claiming credit for Amnesty’s new policy, sorry, consultation, on the decriminalisation of ‘sex work.’

Amnesty are obviously desperate to distance themselves from Fox, in fact they’re so desperate to distance themselves from him they’ve now put out two separate statements explaining his lack of involvement in anything to do with the new policy, sorry, consultation:

Douglas Fox and Amnesty International

Amnesty UK AGM’s Decisions on sex work to date

Fox meanwhile has admitted that in 2008 he was busy urging his supporters in the ‘sex trade’ to join Amnesty and lobby from within to get the policy on ‘sex work’ he was after.

Fox’s name has also come in up in relation to his input into the Amnesty policy, sorry, consultation

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