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Free Choice Does Not Exist

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Root Veg

What does Free Choice mean? If someone makes a Free Choice, what kind of choice have they made? Is it one free from coercion? One that is not impacted by external forces? One where the decision has not been weighted by anything? I suggest that this is a ridiculous concept.

I’m going to try and illustrate with a brief (and kinda weird) detour. I’d like you to imagine an animal. Any animal. It looks the way it does because it has evolved in a particular environment, it eats particular things, it breathes in a particular way, it moves competently across a particular terrain, and its body holds together according to whether it is on the land or in the water. Perhaps it has to contend with particular predators, and has features that allow it to protect itself. Perhaps it eats particular prey, and has features that allow it to hunt…

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Don’t Come Here With That Language

Rebecca Mott

Rebecca Mott

I will write why the language of sex work should ended.

I will write knowing most of my readers are slowly recognising why this language is the language of pimps and punters, the language of lies.

But as history is creeping towards the Nordic Approach being made law in much of Europe, the language of sex work will be more intense and appear to be the only way to view the prostituted.

I will write against this language until it become unacceptable or I am dead.

I cannot rest in a world that claims it is just sex, it is just work.

Sex work is like putting a dagger into my heart – and then blaming me for saying I am in pain – saying it just a bit of fun.

Sex work is a language that makes all male violence done to the prostituted invisible.

It cannot be real…

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We need to talk about gender

Sarah Ditum

When, exactly, is it OK to talk about gender? Obviously we talk gender all the time, speaking in its tongue, following its script; but when are we allowed to talk about it? A friend decided to tackle a Waterstones manager recently about the fact that every single colouring book in the shop was a gendered one: My First Feminine Mystique Colouring Book for Girls, The Boys’ Colouring Book for Self-Determining Humans, that sort of thing, identify the side you belong to and stay inside the lines.

Don’t you think you’ve got a responsibility to offer more than this to children, asked my friend. Not at all, countered the manager: this is just how boys and girls are. And it ended with the manager accusing my friend of being “on a crusade to change basic biology” – as if a preference for pictures of princesses or cars were a secondary sexual…

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