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Respect and solidarity to you. Thank you for writing this.

OUT of My Panties, Now!!!

Thank you for following me. I know I’ve been sort of silent the past months, only echoing other blogs. I appreciate those of you who have stuck it out, listening to my occasional tweets and reblogs.

My silence took me by surprise. I was completely amazed at what shut me up and frightened by how thoroughly it eventually quieted me.

Late Fall/early Winter, Julie Bindel popped a quick tweet out, with a link to some reporting she had conducted 2-3 years earlier. Saying: yeah, there’s this thing out there, it might be relevant to what some of you are talking about, have a look.

I looked. I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this blog looked.

It left me speechless.

Amnesty International wants to legalize prostitution. Amnesty International. Legalized prostitution. Amnesty, that granting of protection from persecution, doesn’t apply to women. Amnesty International, the largest global human rights advocate that exists…

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