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Are We Allowed to be Real?

A brilliant piece by Rebecca Mott

Rebecca Mott

I want to write about porn.

I want to write to the centre of porn, the conditions for the women inside porn.

But, it is so hard for always the debate/conversation about porn is about anything and everything but what it is to be those women.

All the harms of porn are done to women and girls, and some men, outside the porn industry.

It is harmful for children or teenagers to see porn, for it gives an unrealistic view of how sex is done.

If there is violence such as facial, forced anal, gang-rapes, strangulation etc – this is seen as harmful because porn norms are being to “real” women and girls.

It is harmful to users of porn because it kills the emotional connection that is considered to real sex.

This leaves the women inside porn abandoned and isolated.

All conversation/debate round porn always has somewhere  – porn…

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Four Thought

Rebecca Mott

This is my draught for my talk on Radio Four.

Well, you know from that introduction that I’m a football fan, and I’m also a fan of Radio 4 which has been a friend to me most of my life.  The Archers was always in my room, and for me the joy of stories and plays to disappear into. Radio 4 gave me a sense of order – with the news at 1, 6, and 10.

It gave me some sense of stability and a sense of a future without terror. I have held onto Radio 4 as a comfort blanket because I lived in a world of chaos, a world where pain and hate was my norm, a world that I could never fully understand. I would cling to the sound of voices on the radio trying to find a world where there could be love, where there could…

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Amnesty members in Australia: Nordic Model!

Abolish Prostitution Now!

Media release:

Amnesty International’s proposed policy to decriminalise pimps and buyers met with opposition at Australian Amnesty state Annual General Meetings on the weekend.

The proposed policy was raised at Amnesty state level AGMs around Australia Saturday May 10, with dissent from Amnesty members. Amnesty Queensland and Amnesty Tasmania voted against the draft policy. Members voted instead to adopt the Nordic Model of prostitution, which decriminalises prostituted people, while at the same time criminalises pimps, traffickers and buyers. WA members voted in favour of a new process, which would involve seeking input from those who have survived sex industry violence. There was rigorous debate on the issue in other states.

Former president of the United States and human rights champion, Jimmy Carter, is the latest big name to speak out against the proposal. In an interview with Robin Morgan, Carter said ‘it’s inconceivable to me that Amnesty International, or any…

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