Are We Allowed to be Real?

A brilliant piece by Rebecca Mott

Rebecca Mott

I want to write about porn.

I want to write to the centre of porn, the conditions for the women inside porn.

But, it is so hard for always the debate/conversation about porn is about anything and everything but what it is to be those women.

All the harms of porn are done to women and girls, and some men, outside the porn industry.

It is harmful for children or teenagers to see porn, for it gives an unrealistic view of how sex is done.

If there is violence such as facial, forced anal, gang-rapes, strangulation etc – this is seen as harmful because porn norms are being to “real” women and girls.

It is harmful to users of porn because it kills the emotional connection that is considered to real sex.

This leaves the women inside porn abandoned and isolated.

All conversation/debate round porn always has somewhere  – porn…

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