– Can one do this? Thoughts on scientific credibility after reading Susanne Dodillet’s book “Är sex arbete?” (Is Sex Work?)

Good resource re prostitution in Sweden and misinformation

By Sven-Axel Månsson (March 12, 2009)

Source: http://www.socialpolitik.com/far-man-gora-sahar/

The subject of the book, which is a dissertation on the history of concepts, is a comparison of German and Swedish prostitution policy since the 1970s. The background is that these two countries have chosen different paths. Germany has implemented an active legalization of prostitution. In 2001, Parliament passed a law which has the declared objective of integrating prostitution into society. The Act regulates the prostitutes’ relationship with the law in various fields. Simply put, you could say that it treats prostitution like any other job. Sweden has chosen a different policy. Since 1999, it has decided, among other things, to prohibit the purchase of sexual services in order to curtail the prostitution industry.

In the introduction of her thesis, the author argues that her purpose is not to reject any of these laws, without understanding why these countries’ legislators came to…

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