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Tonya Flynt speaks out against The People Vs Larry Flynt and her father

Manufactured Contempt

Hustlerd by Tonya Flynt
by Tonya Flynt

My name is Tonya Flynt. I am here to tell you that the portrayal of my father, Larry Flynt, in Oliver Stone and Milos Forman’s movie is a pack of lies. My father, the founder and publisher of Hustler Magazine, is not a hero who has sacrificed everything to fight censorship and protect freedom of speech. He doesn’t give a damn about freedom of speech. All he cares about is making millions of dollars out of the sexual exploitation of women and children.

My father is a pornographer, a pimp, and a molester of children. I say this with pain and sorrow because in spite of everything he has done, I still love my father. I also say this with fear, because my father has threatened me and my daughter. But I feel I have a responsibility to expose the truth about my father. Making Larry Flynt…

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An impeccable piece by Matthew Holloway

      So, it’s a hyper-vigilance day so far,  (PTSR is niggling at me). Good to be aware that I am feeling in no mood for any obfuscating language. I can’t stand language like “sex worker” at the best of times, because the language bedrocks the argument and dictates where the truth goes. (It goes nowhere and disappears in to a false diversion about an individual’s human “rights”)

    “Sex worker” starts from a place of agency that isn’t there.  To go from that term implies a move away from choice, from liberation.Don’t mess with that!  (We’re not, we don’t, you’ve been diverted again.) There is no starting point from that position because it has to really exist, not theoretically exist, in order for it to be moved away from. Relational autonomy is necessarily dismissed, given it would out the lie that is the premise of the sex industry.  Anyway, now that I am breathing okay…

    The article below is a place I do tolerate it.

    I was wondering why but it’s pretty clear.  The person who has come under attack is well-intentioned, but (to my knowledge) also believes prostitution is a problem because of “stigma”, which is the Scarlet Alliance mantra when anyone talks about prostitution and refuses to call it “sex work”.  (If you recall, we were attacked at parliament house in Melbourne by the Scarlet Alliance for using the word “survivors” to define our own experiences. “Former sex workers” was what we were insisted upon to say. We didn’t.)

    In any case, I imagine Peta Brady got a shock when they attacked her for speaking about violence against “sex workers”, and who does it to them. She named the perpetrators, acknowledged that johns hurt women. Perhaps she didn’t realize that only “stigma” is allowed to harm and kill in the “Sex Worker Union” lexicon? The “client” is never to be named as violent. The “who” becomes a “what”.
    How could she have known that the union does not support it’s “workers”? Surely that’s what unions are for? How could she have known that when they say they are “run by sex workers, for sex workers”, it is with real and bitter irony, because they are usually treasurers and vice-presidents and sycophants, who haven’t touched a johns dick if ever, or for years.

   It is a case of the “Emperor has No Clothes” and he knows it ; the public are the ones being hoodwinked.

   My hope is that she will recover strongly, and take a look at what’s really going on with these organizations. That everybody will . She certainly has my support if she wants it.

    It is in this spirit that I share this impeccable piece by Matt Holloway :

Press release by Abolition 2014 on the hearing held by the German government regarding new regulations within the 2002 Prostitution Act


Pressrelease Abolition 2014

On the hearing by the BMFSFJ [German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth] about the regulation of the prostitution industry on 12 June 2014, published on 26 June 2014 (1)

On 12 June 2014, the BMFSFJ held a hearing on the planned reform of the Prostitution Act in order to gain a “comprehensive picture” of the subject. The hearing was held behind closed doors, i.e. the public and the media were excluded. Even before the hearing, the public had been left in the dark about who the Federal Ministry had asked and invited as experts to give their expertise and opinions. (2)

Before the German Government goes into summer recess, we believe it is important to lift the veil of secrecy that is obviously desired by the Ministry in charge, a veil intended to conceal what interests are at play when…

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Amnesty International and Mens rights: buy and sell sex

Think Outside the Boxer

Wow, just saw the German version!

Warm thanks to @PhoenixUtters, @IngeReed, for your reading, editing, and support!


According to an internal leaked document from Amnesty International, the organization fights hard to defend people involved in prostitution. Namely, clients and pimps.

This document is not an harmless draft escaped from an intern’s drawer. This is an internal policy document to define the global strategy of the organization on the prostitution issue. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter wrote an open letter to Amnesty, because such a policy in destroying YEARS of progress in the fight against sexual exploitation. Amnesty Sweden and Amnesty Australia have publicly dissociated themselves from their headquarters.

This document states that criminalizing a prostitute’s client is an attack against both privacy and individuals free choice. This document also states that the access to  prostituted women is a fundamental human right.


Amnesty is a prestigious organization known for its fight for the rights of political prisoners, against forced marriages, against…

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The German Prostitution Act – myths, background, scope ….


Ausnahmsweise auf Englisch, eine Zusammenfassung für LeserInnen aus dem Ausland.

The German Prostitution Act

first a quote is from Wikipedia (the entries in German in Wikipedia have largely been written by the pro-prostitution lobby, I’m not sure who did the English version):

Legislative reform (2002) 

In 2002 a one page law sponsored by the Green Party was passed by the ruling coalition of Social Democrats and Greens in the Bundestag. The law removed the general prohibition on furthering prostitution and allowed prostitutes to obtain regular work contracts. The law’s rationale stated that prostitution should not be considered as immoral anymore.

The law has been criticized as having not effectively changed the situation of the prostitutes, often because the prostitutes themselves don’t want to change their working conditions and contracts. The German government issued a report on the law’s impact in January 2007, concluding that few prostitutes had taken advantage of regular work contracts and that work conditions had…

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Results of Prostitution Study Germany

The 14.5 billion euro a year prostitution industry in Germany isn’t going anywhere. Rather than paying attention to the back-tracking Denmark is now trying to implement following its failed legalization which resulted in a massive increase in trafficking, Germany didn’t even concede that the age of the prostituted should be raised to 21. (Quibbling on the age of a trafficked human in buying it for sex sometimes occurs if it is under 18.)

The only changes conceded for consideration from the study are: the possible prohibition of flat rate and gangbang offers, the mandatory registration of all women and others in prostitution, and a licensing procedure for brothels.(Woof!)

These potential changes have come under heavy attack from the pro-prostitution lobby, pointing to the success of the discount super market brothels and the popular 49 euro flat-rate for an “unlimited supply of sex and drinks”, in creating revenue. A woman may have to “service” 5-6 johns before she has paid her daily tax. (For the more reticent, the going rate for a hand job is around US$11.50 including complimentary drinks and nibbles at the bar)

Norway’s findings, only five years since implementing their Sex Purchase Law, have shown a 25% drop in the purchase of women, estimating that without the law, trafficking would have risen by 45% in that time alone. Violence against women generally has decreased where the Nordic Model has been implemented.

Perhaps decision makers in Germany follow the same line of concern as the Norwegian representative, who when asked if he believed the law was working in Norway, responded unhappily, “Yes, it works. If by works you mean there has been a downturn in the market.”

What has been a significant win for women in Norway bothers the German treasury. What has become a living hell for women in Denmark has inspired them to do little for women in Germany, except possibly outlawing paid gang rape, and we can’t thank them for that yet.

The amount of revenue raised through prostitution is just too good to be true. Why fund exiting strategies for prostituted people when they make so much money for infrastructure and men are getting sex at bargain prices?

The social, medical and psychological costs-(74% of prostitutes have attempted suicide, 69% of survivors are diagnosed with PTSD. Condom use has declined and johns are not legally required to declare their HIV status even knowing they are carriers, though the prostituted are) -have been dropped from the report, but then, the pro-lobby doesn’t have to pay for that, and there are always more girls when the others get a bit messy, or die.

If they are going to continue to reduce prostitution to a financial transaction, one would assume the German Government would at least be wily in getting some half-baked services out there as a kind of insurance, but the neoliberal cock is too busy crowing, “14.5 billion- 14.5 billion-Oh 14.5 billion a year!”

I think it is time men stopped buying human beings for sex.

Female Socialisation


You’re so pretty.
You’re adorable.
You’re beautiful.
You’re my beautiful little girl.
Sweet little lady.
Careful! Don’t get hurt!
Play nicely.
Don’t get dirty.
Stop that.
Be more ladylike.
Don’t eat too much.
Girls are duuumb!
Girls have cooties.
No girls allowed.
Hahahahaha! You have boobs!
Look at her boobs!
Ewwwww. Periods are disgusting.
You’re disgusting.
That’s gross.
Hahahahaha! You’ve got your period.
Let me touch them!
I want to touch them!
You’re gross.
Let me touch it.
I only want to touch it.
She’s a slut.
You slut.
Show me your tits.
Get ’em out!
You want it.
Take it.
Have it.
Swallow it.
Stupid bitch.
Fat bitch.
You’re not quite right for this.
I’m not sure you can do it.
I just want to fuck you.
Come on…

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I Can’t Cry

Rebecca Mott

I want to cry so much.

My throat hurts so much coz it so blocked, my eyes are tired of being tired, my heart is in an agony where words disappear to.

I still can’t cry.

I wanted to cry when Lauren Bacall died, for she was my protector when all my world was being thrown to the wolves.

I remember as a 14-year-old wanting to be Lauren Bacall, wanting her presence by my side.

I stood by the bar in a sex club, and try hard to make it into “The Big Sleep”, and make reality disappear.

I imagined the dive I was in was a sophisticated nightclub – where I was wisecracking and keeping men at a distance.

I refuse to see the truth, that I had no voice, no safety, no access to dignity – I refuse to know I was nothing as I imagine I was…

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