Results of Prostitution Study Germany

The 14.5 billion euro a year prostitution industry in Germany isn’t going anywhere. Rather than paying attention to the back-tracking Denmark is now trying to implement following its failed legalization which resulted in a massive increase in trafficking, Germany didn’t even concede that the age of the prostituted should be raised to 21. (Quibbling on the age of a trafficked human in buying it for sex sometimes occurs if it is under 18.)

The only changes conceded for consideration from the study are: the possible prohibition of flat rate and gangbang offers, the mandatory registration of all women and others in prostitution, and a licensing procedure for brothels.(Woof!)

These potential changes have come under heavy attack from the pro-prostitution lobby, pointing to the success of the discount super market brothels and the popular 49 euro flat-rate for an “unlimited supply of sex and drinks”, in creating revenue. A woman may have to “service” 5-6 johns before she has paid her daily tax. (For the more reticent, the going rate for a hand job is around US$11.50 including complimentary drinks and nibbles at the bar)

Norway’s findings, only five years since implementing their Sex Purchase Law, have shown a 25% drop in the purchase of women, estimating that without the law, trafficking would have risen by 45% in that time alone. Violence against women generally has decreased where the Nordic Model has been implemented.

Perhaps decision makers in Germany follow the same line of concern as the Norwegian representative, who when asked if he believed the law was working in Norway, responded unhappily, “Yes, it works. If by works you mean there has been a downturn in the market.”

What has been a significant win for women in Norway bothers the German treasury. What has become a living hell for women in Denmark has inspired them to do little for women in Germany, except possibly outlawing paid gang rape, and we can’t thank them for that yet.

The amount of revenue raised through prostitution is just too good to be true. Why fund exiting strategies for prostituted people when they make so much money for infrastructure and men are getting sex at bargain prices?

The social, medical and psychological costs-(74% of prostitutes have attempted suicide, 69% of survivors are diagnosed with PTSD. Condom use has declined and johns are not legally required to declare their HIV status even knowing they are carriers, though the prostituted are) -have been dropped from the report, but then, the pro-lobby doesn’t have to pay for that, and there are always more girls when the others get a bit messy, or die.

If they are going to continue to reduce prostitution to a financial transaction, one would assume the German Government would at least be wily in getting some half-baked services out there as a kind of insurance, but the neoliberal cock is too busy crowing, “14.5 billion- 14.5 billion-Oh 14.5 billion a year!”

I think it is time men stopped buying human beings for sex.


6 thoughts on “Results of Prostitution Study Germany

    1. Hi Helka,

      Thanks and yes, here are some links (yes, it is most disheartening)

      Re 49 euro :

      Here is a club which has a group tours for 200 Euro a day :

      And another highly disturbing link (but please don’t think Germany is going to “roll back” without a real fight from us) :

      Thanks for your reply!

  1. Could you please give the source where you’ve got this info from: “74% of prostitutes have attempted suicide, 69% of survivors are diagnosed with PTSD. Condom use has declined…”? Thanks.

    1. Yes. Check Prostitution Research by googling Melissa Farley, also Max Waltman in Sweden, Abolish Prostitution Now, etc. Thanks for asking!

    2. I’m sorry I didn’t give you the links directly Marina. I am not sure of copyright regarding these two researchers at this time. However if you google them you will find them. Melissa Farley Prostitution research and Max Waltman study of the laws in Sweden. Thanks.

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