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By Hypotaxis :”He For She” or, “What About the Men?”

I agree.


*This piece was a collaborative effort between myself and the amazingly brilliant Phonaesthetica. (If you’re not reading her blog, you should, because she’s an incredible writer.)

It’s review day. Let’s clarify, once more, the differences between radical and liberal feminism.

Liberal feminism asserts that women’s liberation comes through equality with men, and therefore positions men as a benchmark, the “best possible case,” the default setting, the gold standard, the brass ring – if only to be respected like a man, if only to be paid like a man, or to be free to “choose pornography” or fuck anything that moves like a man. In liberal feminism, male is aspirational.

In liberal feminism, society itself isn’t broken, we just need to learn how to better exist within it – like men.

Radical feminism, on the other hand, understands that if you polish a turd, it’s still a turd…

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Object AGM

Wishing I could be there in real life with this women. Thank you Rebecca Mott!

Rebecca Mott

I am very pleased to be invited to speak at the Object AGM. As a survivor of indoors prostitution, I will to my personal views and opinions about attitudes to the prostituted.

I think it is vital that groups like Object are fully behind the Nordic Approach. That is to decriminalised the prostituted, whilst fighting for holistic, long-term exiting projects. This is done alongside making it criminal to buy and sell people as sexual goods.

If we only make the choice to view prostitution from the point of view of the individual prostitute. If all we talk about is the working conditions for the prostituted. Then we are avoiding seeing the simple act that it is male demand that is the root o all the violence done to the prostituted. To refuse to see that is to do nothing to protect the human rights of the prostituted.

For this is…

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Sickness Eats My Soul

Rebecca Mott, who speaks for us when we can not.

Rebecca Mott

I have very ill for many reasons, and have unable to write.

Now with great force, I will try to get to the centre of what is blocking me, what is sending sickness into my soul.

My soul is being slowly eaten alive.

It is mainly coming at me from two place.

The careless and callous use of language when so-called supporters speak about the sex trade.

And the lack of understanding of the depth and commonness of internal trafficking.

Both these are hurting me beyond pain, making me speechless, making me wanting to scream, making me apathetic as too much triggers me, making me thinking of ripping heads off of the so-called supporters.

My soul is a howling wolf, my soul is a silent stone statue of an unknown warrior, my soul is the wind in the moors, my soul is that pain which has forgotten where is came…

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– “Prostitution and human trafficking cannot be separated” (Interview with Manfred Paulus)

“Prostitution and human trafficking cannot be separated”
(Interview with Manfred Paulus)


Manfred Paul knows the red light milieu very well. For more than 30 years, he was in charge of prostitution and trafficking in women as head of a criminal inspection unit in Ulm. Even before his retirement, the EU sent him as an expert into the “recruitment countries” of the women who end up in German brothels, model apartments and walking the streets. Paulus researched from Belarus to Romania the paths used to bring sold women to Germany.
The SPD emphasizes that one must distinguish between prostitution and human trafficking.
In Germany we now have up to 100 percent of women imported from abroad for prostitution. It should be clear that a Belarusian woman from the Chernobyl area or a Roma from the ghetto in Romania can never make her way alone to Germany to work…

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Another excellent piece which covers all the myths about prostitution. (Not my work. Please follow the author)

Challenging Prostitution & the Myths That Sustain It