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French Senate: falsified testimony about prostitution

From Zeromacho.
French Senate: falsified testimony about prostitution


The proposed bill against the prostitution system, adopted by the National Assembly, has still not been put on the voting agenda of the French Senate. For the bill’s opponents, the ends justify the means.
On May 20, 2014, a Senate Special Commission heard Swedish police inspector Simon Häggström, attached to the Stockholm anti-prostitution squad and a crucial witness to evaluate the fifteen years of implementing the law punishing the buyers/prostitutors.

Zéromacho can demonstrate that the account given of his testimony has been shortened and falsified on several important points.

In short:
The three main arguments used to oppose the criminalization of “clients” are the following:
• prostituted persons will be endangered as the law will allegedly make matters even worse
• prostitution will be relocated to places outside cities or abroad
• it will be impossible to locate contravening “clients” or to prove their guilt.

Inspector Häggstöm however demonstrates that…

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Day in the life of an exited woman.

Rebecca Mott

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NGOs: the best PR and Spin Doctors that (sex-industry) money can buy

More great work from Savy Boxer

Think Outside the Boxer

Disclaimer: Anyone seriously concerned about the topic of prostitution is advocating for the decriminalization of the Prostituted (women and children). The position adopted in this text is to criminalize the buying and the procuring of women and children as goods in the “sex-industry” for the enjoyment of men.

I refuse to use the terminology “sex-work”, if not in quotations. Words are important, and the term “sex-work” conceals the fact that 95% of the Prostituted are Women and Children. The term also implies that prostitution is a reasonable career choice for a human being and a normal way  to make a living, like domestic work or any other physical labor job. 

“The Prostituted” is a term that actually reflects the  reality of the situation and the ramifications of the Industry. Many survivors find it the most apt word.  It is used by the artist Suzzan Blac who herself survived the slave-trade of prostitution and pornography.


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