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The Pro-Sexploitation Lobby and Disabled People

From Life In The Patriarchy : The Pro-Sexploitation Lobby and Disabled People By Bedelia Bloodyknuckle

Life In The Patriarchal Matrix

An article (A good one) was recently published of which a disabled feminist discusses the Liberals and their use (would it be right to call it abuse?) of disabled people to defend the sexual exploitation of women in favor of disabled men’s libidos.  This is nothing new with Liberals and their pseudo-analysis of “individual freedom”, sacrificing the needs and concerns of a group of  people, normally the oppressed are the targets, for the minute satisfactions of another group, the oppressors. Unfortunately the commentators, I am betting my savings that they are men, do not seem to understand or even argue the author’s main point about her article. These commentors seem to find it perfectly acceptable to abuse women through paid rape as long as the disabled men are happy. I will closely look at the argument that seems to be most popular with these Neo-Liberals.

I know several sex workers…

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It is not Sex Work

It’s Not Sex Work – Rebecca Mott

Rebecca Mott

The sex trade has infiltrated the Left and liberal that spreading the propaganda this it is just sex work – but example both those words and know both are nothing to do with being prostituted.

I have written about this many times, and until there is full freedom for all the prostituted class, I will keep saying how this language is destroying the prostituted every day.

I have been accused of silencing sex workers, and by silencing them allowing the violence that is happening to them.

This is not a new accusation, it is par for the course if an exited woman becomes an abolitionist.

Alongside that accusation, is the regular poison of saying exited women like me, were never “real” prostitutes – we must be liars, or some prop used by abolitionists or radical feminists.

We are not real mainly because we lie about the violence, that we lie…

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– La post modernité proxénète

Reblogged from Ressources Prostitution and well worth the google translate if you don’t read French

par Sylviane Dahan
Nous assistons depuis quelques semaines à une intense campagne en faveur de la normalisation de la prostitution. Une campagne particulièrement intense en Catalogne. Que l’on s’achemine vers l’indépendance ou pas – l’idée de l’autodétermination est loin d’enchanter banquiers, employeurs et grandes entreprises du pays – nos élites dirigeantes envisagent la prostitution comme un important «créneau commercial». Mais son épanouissement serait impossible sans une acceptation sociale préalable. Et c’est bien ce à quoi l’on nous convie : nombreux reportages à la télévision publique catalane banalisant le «travail du sexe», articles et interviews dans les journaux à grand tirage… Tout cela coïncidant avec le Congrès du Téléphone Portable, dont les participants ont fait augmenter de manière spectaculaire la consommation de sexe tarifé à Barcelone.
Les arguments avancés par le lobby des industries du sexe ne manquent jamais d’imagination – et de cynisme –  s’adaptant convenablement aux circonstances et au public…

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