Lupa and Lamb, by Susan Hawthorne.

I’m alive again!

Me, you, and books

Lupa and Lamb, by Susan Hawthorne.  Spinifex Press (2014), Paperback, 172 pages.


A swirling celebration, told in free verse, of ancient goddesses and strong women from myth and history meeting, exploring, talking and loving.

Susan Hawthorne’s new book of poetry takes readers into an speculative world where women are central.  The poems are structured around the premise of a gathering of women in Rome, invited by the Roman Empress and guided around the city and countryside by the Curatix, Director of the Musaeum Matricum. Those who arrive first explore the vast archives of the museum and ancient documents by and about women/goddesses and visit the ancient ruins of Sardinia. Then the party begins. As more and more guests from various countries and centuries arrive, they talk and sing and act just like women at a contemporary gathering. Pain and anger may surface occasionally, but this is…

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