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Abused women, particularly women abused in the sex industry, are routinely disbelieved

From Anti-Porn Feminists

Anti-Porn Feminists

The ‘readers’ editor’ in the Observer today has written about an interview, published last week, with a sex industry survivor.

I read the origin article at the time, but chose not to blog about it, precisely because of all the comments underneath saying that the abuse the woman suffered couldn’t be true.

Women who talk about the violence men commit against them are routinely disbelieved. Men (and women, whether anti-feminist, or liberal feminists who are invested in magical choosy-choice pro-sex industry arguments) would rather believe what they see in porn, or the glamourised accounts of already-privileged individuals like Brooke Magnanti (aka ‘Belle du Jour’) than actually listen to women who have been abused.

Women who talk about men’s violence face an extraordinary burden of proof, even minute detail of their account will be dissected and scrutinised and found lacking regardless, while all a man has to do is say ‘she…

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The monster of masculinity in Oz

From Real For Women

REAL for women

Three weeks into the New Year and six women have been murdered by men in Australia. Male violence and male sexual violence is plaguing the women of this country, the victims ever growing, and though a national conversation has finally started about Domestic Violence in Australia, which is great, it falls way too short of the problem to get us anywhere, as it has failed to address why? Why are men doing this to us, treating us this way? And as Eve Ensler asked of the ‘good men’, “Where the hell are you?”

Tom Meagher, whose wife was raped and murdered in 2012 by a man who the parole board failed to take off the streets, speaks publically about the Monster Myth here. There are no monsters, these are everyday men of this society, of this culture. What is monstrous here is this culture of masculinity, which…

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