We are scapegoats. While all women live with the impact of what prostituting us does, prostituted women are also used (in vain) to deflect male violence from the non-prostituted. These women don’t want this for us, but they can, as a psychological defense, separate us as “other” than themselves. As Dworkin put it, to not do so makes the fear of what happens to women “palpable” and thus something most people want to avoid feeling. When we really can not separate ourselves from another’s suffering, and we know these vile men who buy and sells some women would buy and sell all- that is a horrible reality to know. But we need the voices of the non-prostituted to fight for us. We need these voices so badly.

Rebecca Mott

I have been seeing some support around trolls writing mental violence to many radical feminists, or even women who just speak their mind.

It is horrific that there is such silencing of women, but it is wonderful that it has got good women and a few men to give support and plan actions.

There is a sisterhood for many women attacked on the net – but is that sisterhood willing to reach out to exited women when they are under constant attack.

Sadly, it appears highly unlikely, or only there if it is easy or about signing petitions or clicking “like”.

There is little or no rallying round when violence and hate to exited women becomes all too real.

Where is the sisterhood when it comes to standing to pimp/punter- thinking?

Where is the sisterhood when exited women speaks out about physical attacks from the sex trade lobby?

And would…

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