‘Sex Work’- The Dignity Of Men

Call it what it is, it’s prostitution.

The dignity of men is something they take very seriously. Dignity, even and especially, under (male) law, is predicated on the concept of choice. The male concept of dignity is based on status due to class structure.

A lot of people with little choice also like to claim they have choice because it is linked to the concept of dignity.

The rhetoric around prostitution being an industry of stigma and shame for the prostituted relies entirely on making sure men do not look bad. Men are shamed only by association and proximity to the prostituted person rather than their creation and ongoing demand for us.

They use us because we are there, and they want to feel dignified in doing so.
There is no cognizance by the general public that men put us there. There is no cognizance of who benefits from us being there. There is no cognizance of who created the situation of us being there.

The rhetoric used to sanitise prostitution as ‘empowering’, ‘sex work’ and worthy of a status of ‘dignity’ exists entirely to make the men who exploits us look non-exploitative. The pimp lobby know the primary function of the term ‘sex ‘work’ is to benefit and further the sex trade (i.e men’s ‘right’ to buy us for sex and to profit from it.)

The well-meaning general public, who use the term ‘sex work’ in the hope of not appearing bigoted or denying us ‘choice’, help reinforce the rights and dignity of pimps and johns. In the interests of male dignity, dignity is inseparable from the word ‘choice’. In terms of the (male) status quo dignity is underpinned and measured by choice. Heaven forbid someone appear not to have a choice! What is really being said when we use the term ‘sex work’ is that she ‘chooses’. Now isn’t this convenient?

For this reason, (one of many), it is not incumbent on myself or any other prostituted person to prove, let alone be grateful and endorse, the term ‘sex work’ as a dignifying.

We do not commit the undignified acts against us and as such have nothing to prove,( or be grateful for), when the media or the general public uses it. In fact, the implication that we do is insulting and more seriously, an obfuscation of exactly who is committing the acts here.
We are prostituted. The word is ugly and visceral. Put simply, it is truthful. This is why the pimps and johns don’t want us to use it, and why the general public may not want to hear it.
We do not owe dignity to the pimps and johns. Nor do we owe the general public a sense of ease or feeling better about themselves when it comes to prostitution.

If you are reading this as a non-prostituted person, or someone who uses the term ‘sex work’, I would ask you to consider who benefits from this euphemism. Most of us are familiar with the effectiveness of ‘weasel words’ , just  think  how easily ‘collateral damage’ slipped off the tongues of warmongers. If we can wise up to that, we can extend some critical thinking to what we participate in when we call prostitution ‘work’.




18 Myths on Prostitution

17 thoughts on “‘Sex Work’- The Dignity Of Men

  1. Can we not accept that abused prostitutes and freely choosing sex workers are different people, each with their unique stories to tell? Why should we force one or other group into silence?

    1. What you do not understand is that when you buy sex it is not like when you buy food – there is no biological or ecological stamp that guarantees the mental, psychical and physical wellbeing of the person. I’ve done it, I thought I did it by choice only I realized later there was rather many circumstances that made my choices very limited and that moment and also earlier abuse made prostitution seem easy at that point. I’m convinced now though that sex that isn’t desired but just put up with, with a person that you do not know and always have a powerful position in comparison to you and therefore often dispise you and sometimes get turned on by showing his dispise of you in acting humiliating or mean, is harmful, to your entire person, your confidence in yourself but also your confidence in men and other women since there is often a question of rivality, also it defenitly destroys your sexuality and your intimate relations in the long run. Stop and think. Do you also think that people choose to be homeless?

  2. Wait a few minutes and you’ll have someone who does not know shit who tells you how you must speak about your experience. Maybe instead of being idle, coco should take an educative internship in a German sex factory for 3 months, what about that? And then tell us his unique story.

    1. Just got two of those. Yes, coco is a man, and his experience is of paying “happy. middle-class women for sex”. What a surprise. I would have left them published but he would just get off on it. Cheers Sister.

      1. You were right to publish him. Now, people can see that we are not making up those men who feel so entitled to sex that they would wear shit-made-eye-masks to ignore the pain of others. And that it takes them only TEN MINUTES shit with their comments everywhere.

      2. Sorry wrote too fast… but u got what I mean. In a heartbeat, they are there, to explain you that you must not “silence” the happy sex-worker…

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