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Hitting a Brick Wall

Rebecca Mott

I have found trying to communicate with some liberal student feminists is to smash into a brick wall.

A wall of deep denial, a wall of blocking their ears.

A wall that is built to silenced the multiple voices of exited women.

I will write a little of my contact with British student feminists, and hope it points how highly intelligent women can decide to be ignorant.

I also write this to say that I believe too women’s group in our universities have been infiltrated by the sex trade – mainly by English Collective of Prostitutes, Sex Workers Open University and International Union of Sex Workers.

These groups speak for the status quo of the sex trade, and have only a token if any interest in the welfare of the prostituted.

These groups speak the language of the sex trade profiteers and uphold the interests of the punters.

It is…

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A woman’s worth – to be rapable

REAL for women

I’ve been thinking about the value of women for a while now, and more recently my own value as well. Nearly forty and female, single mother for half these years, struggling through poverty, struggling through domestic violence, and violent degrading rapes, struggling through female-related health problems. Continuing to create anyway, even the little things, like each new day. Apparently still fuckable, still desirable, still gropable, for now, or until my struggles are known, or until my struggle for all women is known (that does require accountability=instantly unattractive).

woman;y attributesNearly forty as a woman in this ball park equates to little or no worth in our society, and so do many other factors: not-being-within-the-beauty-standard, colour of skin, disability, rejection of femininity, rejection of male sexuality, having been prostituted for and by men, and god forbid we keep aging.

So little is our value already, as second class citizens in a world governed by male laws…

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This makes my brain hurt

REAL for women

Twenty Five women murdered by suspected or known male violence, this year, our country. It’s only March. We are not making this shit up.
Men are murdering women. And other men. And children. Even puppies. Men. Every day men from our very masculine culture.

Domestic violence is highly gendered. It’s men controlling, dominating, abusing and raping women, children and other men. We have the statistics, so don’t – even.

Prostitution is highly gendered. Men buy and sell women for their sexual pleasure and profit. 90% of prostituted women would exit if they could. Prostituted women suffer the same if not higher rates of PTSD then men in war who’ve faced combat. ‘Framing this prostitution of real women by real men as ‘work’ is only supporting the dignity of men.’

Rape. It is men who are raping women en masse, and children and other men. Men and their penises and whatever else…

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Do Not Go Quiet

Rebecca Mott

The sex trade lobby is constantly inventing to new words to silence exited women (and some exited men).

The latest one is SWERF – which something like sex workers excluded by radical feminists – or such-like nonsense.

This made-up word is used to stop all discussion, all interchange of ideas or attempts to forge bridges.

This made-up is used word is used to stop any mention of the Nordic Approach, to say abolitionists all know nothing about being prostituted and just are in ivory towers.

And this made-up word is liberally used to shut down and shut up all exited women who speak to human rights, who speak for abolition, and speak to and with awareness that all the prostituted are interconnected.

We are called haters of the prostituted, we are told we are responsible for the violence done to the prostituted by just wanting human rights.

We are told…

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Branding Feminism

By Kathy Miriam

Dialectical Spin: Radical Feminism in Other-Land

Branding Feminism: Brand-Slutwalk[1]

By now everyone knows the comment that sparked the first Slutwalk (Toronto) and its wild-fire spread across the globe.  It began with a classic scene of mansplaining[2]: A man  schooling women about how to avoid rape. To make things worse, the man was even more legitimized/authorized as a mansplainer due to his status as a police officer. In this instance the cop advised his audience that if women didn’t dress “like sluts” it might help with the rape-prevention. The feminist outrage spurred by the comment was fierce and a terrible thing to waste—which is precisely what happened when outrage against victim-blaming in a rape culture was (and is) redirected and de-fused into shallow and bubble-headed libertarian credo: If you’ve ever been called a slut, stand up now and say together – I am a slut. . . stand up and say it with me:…

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Back Now

Rebecca Mott

I want to thank each and everyone who has made donations to my blog, it is vital for I cannot write without stability.

I cannot write to the heart of why I am abolitionist when I am too triggered or hungry.

Now, with your support, I can see into the future and have the strength to know how my past is part of forming it.

So now, as I listen to special Spotify mixture of jazz, blues, Cajun, oldies soul, Blondie, JJ Cale, Bluegrass and rock ‘n’ roll – I will try to do my blog.

It is hard, for I feel like I have been detached when I was worried about my money situation.

I was detached to force my mind not to think about prostitution – the so-called easy way to make money.

Money is like poison – but without money the will to live fades away.

That is…

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The Scarlet Alliance/Sex Worker Collective’s Misogyny. Why They Should Not Be funded.

I have appropriated the pimp lobby’s red umbrella to fight for the Nordic Model.

Perhaps everyone who actually cares about women in prostitution can use this as a profile pic- although, I realise my creation is not very pretty. I have no sympathy for the Scarlet Alliance and the whole red umbrella collective crying how oppressed and stigmatised they are.  They never helped me, and as evidenced below, they never will help anyone trying to leave the industry. Too much money to be made trading in human beings. They are among the scum of the earth and treat prostituted women like shit. But don’t take my word for it- here are just the facts.

nordic model now

  “Evidence of SCARLET ALLIANCE’S opposition to Federal Government Policies to stem Human Trafficking


  1. Opposition to exit programs

Scarlet Alliance publicly opposes exit programs to support trafficked women wanting to leave the sex industry.[i]

  1. Denies the reality of human trafficking for sexual exploitation

Scarlet Alliance refuses to acknowledge that sex slavery exists and claims that leaving prostitution is an individual decision for which there should be no government intervention.[ii]Scarlet Alliance’s policy is to have “sex work” considered equivalent to any other professional occupation.

  1. Opposition to making debt bondage an offence

Scarlet Alliance is opposed to debt bondage being an offence under State Government crime legislation[iii]

  1. Opposition to any controls on prostitution
    Scarlet Alliance opposes all laws, regulations, rules or policies for the sex industry.Yet it asserts that the safety of “sex workers” should be prioritised over all industry or community concerns.[iv]
  1. Opposed to penalties for knowingly using trafficked women:

The Scarlet Alliance is opposed to criminalisation of intentionally, knowingly or recklessly obtaining sexual services from trafficked women.[v]

  1. Opposes penalties for brothel owners knowingly using trafficked women:

Scarlet Alliance has publicly declared its opposition to any form of sanction or penalty for brothel owners who knowingly engage and exploit trafficked persons.[vi]

  1. Opposes police checks on brothels

Scarlet Alliance has declared its opposition to giving Police  a more flexible
right of entry to legal or illegal brothels.[vii]

  1. Opposition to any kind of police involvement in policing of prostitution.

It believes that police should be removed from any administrative or regulatory role in the sex industry.  This belief makes mockery of the fact that Scarlet Alliance also claims that people “working” in the sex industry should be afforded police protection.[viii]

  1. Opposition to police giving trafficking a higher priority

Scarlet Alliance is opposed to police being trained to be more aware of the signs of human trafficking and giving it a higher priority.They are also opposed to increasing public awareness about sex trafficking and sexual slavery.[ix]

  1. Claims human trafficking is a myth

Scarlet Alliance claims that trafficking is a myth produced by media hype, anti-trafficking and anti-slavery organisations[x].    It believes that anti trafficking raids have forced “sex workers” “underground”.This position makes a mockery of the fact that Scarlet Alliance contributed to the development of the Guidelines for NGOs Working with Trafficked People.[xi]

  1. Opposition to provision of refuges for trafficked women

It beggars belief, but Scarlet Alliance is opposed to the establishment of appropriately funded refuges for trafficked women, and they oppose assistance and support being provided to victims of trafficking.[xii]

They oppose these services to victims lest attention be drawn to the evil of human trafficking which, in turn, would make it difficult to argue that “sex work” is the equivalent of any other professional occupation

  1. Opposition to public awareness programs for clients of prostitution:

Scarlet Alliance is opposed to any advertising that alerts purchasers (johns)and prospective purchasers (johns)of sexual service to the existence of the crime of sexual trafficking.[xiii]

It wants the public to remain in denial about the existence and magnitude of sex trafficking on the grounds that this would give a bad name to “sex work” in general.

  1. Opposition to anything that hinders the promotion of sex work

Anything that hinders the promotion of “sex work”.[xiv]

  1. Wants to promote sex work and 457 visas for sex work.

Scarlet Alliance wants to promote “sex work” as a legitimate occupation; it claims that “sex workers” should become entitled to 457 Visas and that brothel owners should be eligible sponsors of “migrant sex workers” (i.e trafficked women) to give more respectability to the pursuit of professional “sex work”.[xv]

Scarlet Alliance claims that “sex work” should be considered legitimate in all its forms, including brothel, private escort and street based work. No licensing model should apply.[xvi]

So this is for anyone still wondering why they oppose the Nordic Model, ( a model of legislation which decriminalises the prostituted and instead calls the men who buy and sell us the criminals.) For anyone still wondering if they have a point and if this is all about sex being taboo and “stigma” and blah, blah, blah. For anyone wondering if you yourself should  oppose a model which provides exiting strategies and funding for women trying to leave prostitution .You can have a think about their ethics, their chants of “sex worker rights!”, their actual misogyny parading as some personal, stigmatised oppression from “moralists” and  “rescuers”. You can have a think about how these ‘advocates’ who claim to be “run by sex workers, for sex workers”, even if they are in management positions and don’t have to sell sex at all ! treat women such as myself and so many others who actually give a shit about women.  Would you call a woman entered into prostitution as a child a “Migrant Sex Worker”?  And what would you give to know back then, when you were being “liberal” and “Choosy-Choice”, what you know right now?

They are calling for more funding . The Scarlet Alliance just received an extra of $960,000,(on top of the funding they have already received, which adds up to millions), for their place on a board to fight sex-trafficking.

Yes, you read that right. A group which denies sex-trafficking exists is on an advisory panel with the Abbott Government’s National Anti-Trafficking Plan.

Take a moment. I understand.

[i] Response to Victorian Recommendations into trafficking for sex work, Scarlet Alliance, 2010,

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Click to access Trafficking-NationalActionPlanToCombatHumanTraffickingAndSlavery2015-19.pdf