Lesbians in the news – crime reports matter

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****Links in this post may contain disturbing details****

We know that a lot of what happens to lesbians is unseen and unheard, but what happens when stories about lesbophobia and misogyny against lesbians make it to the news?

On the rare occasions when discrimination or violence against us is reported by mainstream media, it isn’t often taken seriously. Hate crimes are mostly not reported as such, and no particular community outcry results.

Both historically and currently, the rates of violence against lesbians (and others in the LGBTI community) have been masked by a fear of reporting a crime that would render the victims vulnerable to further abuse by civil authorities or their community. In general, the consequences of being outed as a lesbian around the world can be horrific, and extend to loss of custody of childrencorrective rape and murder.

Even in Australia, where we may assume it is more safe…

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