This makes my brain hurt

REAL for women

Twenty Five women murdered by suspected or known male violence, this year, our country. It’s only March. We are not making this shit up.
Men are murdering women. And other men. And children. Even puppies. Men. Every day men from our very masculine culture.

Domestic violence is highly gendered. It’s men controlling, dominating, abusing and raping women, children and other men. We have the statistics, so don’t – even.

Prostitution is highly gendered. Men buy and sell women for their sexual pleasure and profit. 90% of prostituted women would exit if they could. Prostituted women suffer the same if not higher rates of PTSD then men in war who’ve faced combat. ‘Framing this prostitution of real women by real men as ‘work’ is only supporting the dignity of men.’

Rape. It is men who are raping women en masse, and children and other men. Men and their penises and whatever else…

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