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Running Scared

Rebecca Mott

The sex trade lobby are out in force this year.

Their lies and poison are all the media, all over the net – and especially all over exited folks who are now abolitionists.

This is vicious, but though it is mentally exhausting – I kind of glad they are finally showing their true colours.

The sex trade lobby will call themselves sex workers, especially saying they just escorts or dominixs.

They will be so-called radical university lecturers, or researchers.

They may claim to be the good decent consumer of the prostituted.

They are journalists who only speak to sex workers for their rounded articles of the sex trade.

But all inside the sex trade are conservative, they are capitalists, they back exploitation, and they have made a choice to have no heart.

The main bulk of the sex trade lobby is made of sex trade profiteers – including so-called escorts…

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Shut Your Eyes Tightly and It Will Go Away

Rebecca Mott

The trouble with speaking to the realities of prostitution – is that there so many ways to lessen the issues or just to say prostitution is no issue in the first place.

It is in this environment, that brave survivors of the sex trade are slowly speaking out – always knowing our truths are unexploded bombs.

To speak to the realities of being prostituted is to know a loneliness that is almost impossible to express – it can be near to impossible to know those truths which live under the skin of each and every survivors of the sex trade.

And with survivors speaking their truths, there are mainly prostituted women with extreme courage and truth-sayers who speak out while still inside the sex trade.

I cannot imagine the strength it takes to be a whistle-blower on the sex trade, but their bravery is showing the cruelty, lack of human…

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An Update on Wicked Campers. Link below:

Here is an update on the campaign to have Wicked Campers remove their vile, misogynist slogans from their rental vans.

There is some good news, but John Webb doesn’t appear to have grown any integrity.

I value separate spaces…

Big Mouth Girl

[This originally came from an online conversation. It does not use the SSCAB/DSCAB language from my previous post. It’s way shorter of a blog and less academic sounding, more personal and about my experience of the Womyn Born Female space that is the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.]

I value separate spaces of many kinds. I have participated in lesbian only, People of Color only, Women of Color only, black women only, black lesbian only, all women only, Womyn Born Female only. I get something different from each. I don’t particularly value queer space, but I don’t begrudge those who do taking it. For me “queer” tends to mean anyone at least half-way freaky deaky (like kinky straight folks think of themselves as “queer” now). It doesn’t speak to me as a lesbian at all. I think we, meaning lesbians, get lost in the LGBT alphabet soup. But that’s me. I think there…

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Some thoughts on MichFest

In Sadness, In rage..


menruin (2)

Owing to the extreme generosity of a dear friend, my wife and I will be able to attend MichFest this year. My wife has attended before, but for me, it will be the first, and – as it turns out – last time to visit the land.

All I know about MichFest is what I’ve heard from others who’ve attended before. Most are rendered unable to articulate the experience adequately. “It’s just . . .” women often say. “It’s hard to describe . . . you have to be there.”

Because there are no words, there is no language, I suppose, for what it feels like as a female human being to exist for six days among other female human beings, to celebrate our existence, to talk to one another without protecting the delicate male ego, to exist outside of the male gaze, to walk in the dark without fear…

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What is Prostitution to You?

Rebecca Mott

As an exited woman, I have to live with how others see the prostituted.

Most of the views of the prostituted are stereotypes whether from liberal feminists, Leftists, religious folks, friends or anyone else who feign an interest in the prostituted.

I find it only some radical feminists – not all – who listen and learn, rather tell exited women what it is to be prostituted.

I am not surprised there are so many stereotypes of what it is to be prostituted.

For at least 3000 to 4000 years, the prostituted have had no voices/voices to say who and what we are. Instead our realities are written out by being written other by those who gain from the sex trade.

It is written by punters/johns who want to ease their guilt, to pretend there is no violence coming from them.

To build up a fantasy that all the prostituted are…

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Emersione, libera tutt* ?

Nuvolette di pensieri


Ieri al termine della diretta dalla Camera sul convegno “Addio Merlin. Prostituzione tra diritto penale e tabù”, mi son dovuta prendere un antiacido. Qui di seguito una specie di blog-cronaca. QUIil video.

L’obiettivo è presentare la squadra bipartisan che lavorerà a un testo di legge per abolire la legge Merlin del 1958 e regolamentare la prostituzione. Tutti uniti appassionatamente per demolire una legge che come ha sostenuto anche Pia Locatelli, “nell’impianto resta ancora una buona legge” (QUI). Vediamo l’alternativa che ci propongono. Giudicate voi se si tratta di un passo avanti e di un miglioramento.

Coordina Annalisa Chirico, giornalista, autrice di Siamo tutti puttane. Una bella garanzia. Si inizia con la litania dei sex workers scelgono, scelgono liberamente la prostituzione. Poi arriva la frase: “italiani che vanno a consegnare reddito oltreconfine, ai bordelli stranieri”. Ecco, sembra che questo sia uno dei noccioli della questione.

Pierpaolo Vargiu

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Currently Prostituted Woman Speaks- To the”Sex Worker” Lobby: This is What you Sound Like.


For the “Choosy- Choicers” and allies- this is what you sound like when you go on about “sex work” and “choice”

Chelsea Geddes, a woman currently in prostitution,  nails it here:

“There is a difference between sweatshop workers who are forced to work long hours in a factory for 1 dollar a day, and those who freely choose to work in a sweatshop earning 1 dollar a day. It is denying these consenting sweatshop workers agency and dehumanising them to say they are helpless victims of capitalism and racism. Some radical socialists have taken it upon themselves to assert that sweatshop work cannot possibly be consensual and we are basically slaves. Because of racism and capitalism, we are forced into the sweatshop factories, therefore it is not a free choice.

The danger with this approach, besides the unwelcome paternalistic attitude, is that it creates a roadblock for any further progress…

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