Blocking is Survival

Rebecca Mott

Dedicated to all my amazing survivor Sisters – you know who you are.

Recently the sex trade lobby have been shouting loudly – how we must listen to the prostituted who are inside the sex trade.

But, as with everything the sex trade lobby, it is highly selective what type of the prostituted we should listen.

It should be mainly white middle-class women who state how empowering prostitution has been for them.

It is the classic Happy Hooker who appears to be rich, empowered and self-sufficient.

In other the wet dream of the average punter, and the cash-cow for the sex trade profiteers.

Most of these spokeswomen are being pushed forward to speak the male language of those profiteers and punters.

If the sex trade can get prostituted to say it is harm-free, a great earner, that it is flexible hours, that it is somehow feminist – then it can…

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