What is Prostitution to You?

Rebecca Mott

As an exited woman, I have to live with how others see the prostituted.

Most of the views of the prostituted are stereotypes whether from liberal feminists, Leftists, religious folks, friends or anyone else who feign an interest in the prostituted.

I find it only some radical feminists – not all – who listen and learn, rather tell exited women what it is to be prostituted.

I am not surprised there are so many stereotypes of what it is to be prostituted.

For at least 3000 to 4000 years, the prostituted have had no voices/voices to say who and what we are. Instead our realities are written out by being written other by those who gain from the sex trade.

It is written by punters/johns who want to ease their guilt, to pretend there is no violence coming from them.

To build up a fantasy that all the prostituted are…

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