Running Scared

Rebecca Mott

The sex trade lobby are out in force this year.

Their lies and poison are all the media, all over the net – and especially all over exited folks who are now abolitionists.

This is vicious, but though it is mentally exhausting – I kind of glad they are finally showing their true colours.

The sex trade lobby will call themselves sex workers, especially saying they just escorts or dominixs.

They will be so-called radical university lecturers, or researchers.

They may claim to be the good decent consumer of the prostituted.

They are journalists who only speak to sex workers for their rounded articles of the sex trade.

But all inside the sex trade are conservative, they are capitalists, they back exploitation, and they have made a choice to have no heart.

The main bulk of the sex trade lobby is made of sex trade profiteers – including so-called escorts…

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