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The Darkness of Ordinary Men


Rebecca Mott

This post is about how ordinary punters are – how their hate, violence and evil hearts hide behind the facade of being just another bloke.

This post is not about statistics, it is not saying this is fact – no, it more important than that, it is a record of one exited woman who hears and channels generations of the cruelty that punters place into the prostituted class.

There is no true statistics or facts about who the punters are, they hide in plain sight.

They hide as the media say they are the real victims of the sex trade.

They hide as we choose to believe only sad, lonely and dysfunctional men would consume the prostituted.

They hide behind the image of being gentlemen who have respect and give large rewards to the prostituted.

They hide as young men just having a wild Friday or Saturday night out.


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Anger and Frustration


Rebecca Mott

I have written this blog for several years, and I have said the same things over and over and over and god-damned over.

I have been told I have inspired many, especially feminists.

I have been praised for my writing style, even named as the new Andrea Dworkin – though any prostituted woman who raises her head above parapet and speak truth to power, is named as Andrea Dworkin.

But, praise and honouring means nothing if there is little or no practical action to help the prostituted still trapped inside the sex trade.

I write to a genocide, I write to the mass torturing of the prostituted class, I write to the disappearances and deaths of too many of the prostituted.

I am not writing for an intellectual debate, I am not writing to play the statistics game, and I am not writing a story.

I write as a witness…

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A linguistic analysis of ‘woman’

For Those Who Need to Reach “Peak Trans”

Purple Sage

What is a woman? Until recently, the word woman has unambiguously meant an adult human female, where female means the sex that produces ova and can bear young. But males are now being called ‘woman’ too. The word woman has been expanded to mean either an adult human female, or an adult human male who would like to be referred to as female. The only way that males can be called ‘woman’ is if ‘woman’ is a social category to which anyone can belong rather than a biological category based on observable criteria. However, even if ‘woman’ is a social category to which anyone can belong, we still need to define what is meant by ‘woman,’ in order to understand who is included in this category. We can change the meanings of words, but we still need to agree on what they mean in order to communicate effectively.

It is…

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Please support this sister if you can

Rebecca Mott

Please if you can, could make a donation for my blog, especially if you find it inspiring or has changed your views on prostitution.

I have major problems with money at the moment for many reasons. This includes very heavy bills, multiple frauds on my bank card, and getting no payment for my writing or giving speeches.

I know many of you have very little money, and so would not expect you to donate. But if you can afford as little as £5, I would very grateful.

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Caesareans, listening and unspecified football


My Sunday morning breakfast viewing:

Readers, excuse me while I begin this with arbitrary notes. I took them while sitting in my pyjamas and was just getting the “feel” of the conversation.

Oh dear…

Studio 10 TV: On the panel :  Hosts :   Ita Buttrose AO, OBE, Journalist, author and TV personality.  Sarah Harris, journalist.  Joe Hildebrand, pundit.

Guests:   Kristina Keneally, former premier of NSW.   Carlotta, Entertainer, Cabaret performer and celebrity.

Two topics : 1. Women in Australia are having more caesarean sections than before.

2. Men listen to their female partners only one quarter of the time they listen to their mates  (otherwise known as other men).

Let the notations begin:

On the topic of caesarean sections:

Sarah Harris is concerned with the increase, Ita Buttrose has heard more women are having them to avoid pain, and Kristina Keneally states she would have died without the caesarean section…

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Amnesty International. Vote of No Confidence.

en death nordic model now amnesty pic

MEDIA RELEASE 17th May 2015 Amnesty Members Put NO CONFIDENCE MOTION in Amnesty Australia Board at Hobart AGM

Members of Amnesty International yesterday put a No Confidence Motion in the Amnesty International Australia Board  over their actions on Amnesty’s proposed new sex law policy. Former Amnesty member from Tasmania Isla MacGregor said “Two resolutions were put before the meeting yesterday including a No Confidence Motion in the AIA Board and a resolution on all members right to vote on policy decisions along with greater accountability and transparency in policy making processes by Amnesty International.” “In addition, the Amnesty Board had handed out advice to members attending the AGM’s in an attempt to direct Branch members not to vote for 2 resolutions which were to be discussed at yesterdays AGM which were thenwithdrawn by proponents as a result.” Two Emergency Resolutions were then tabled at the AGM:

EMERGENCY RESOLUTION 1 No Confidence Motion in the Board Of Amnesty International Australia That this meeting supports a  No Confidence Motion in the Amnesty International Australia Board as a response to its: Authorship of a Memorandum titled Brief: Proposed policy on the decriminalisation of ‘sex work’. Distribution to Branches of the Memorandum dated 13th May 2015 for attention of AGM attendees only two days prior to Branch AGM’s being held around Australia on the 16th May 2015. Failure to cite in the Memorandum all human rights based  legislative options in an unbiased manner such as the Nordic model. Failure to include the views on the lived experiences of survivors of prostitution and the sex trade and use of inappropriate language. Failure to be transparent with membership since the NAGM in 2014 about its communications with the Amnesty International Board and International Secretariat on the proposed ‘sex work ‘ policy and to provide timely updates to membership. Actions over the proposed ‘sex work’ policy especially, including the Memorandum, that are viewed by many AIA members as being secretive and in contravention of Amnesty International’s Governance principles on accountability, consultation with stakeholders and transparency.

Emergency Resolution 2  Voting rights for all AI members and proper stakeholder consultations to enhance greater transparency and democratic participation in Amnesty International That in the interests of just, fair and democratic participatory governance mechanisms,  that Amnesty International overhaul its policy development and decision making processes and will commit to new participatory and democratic decision making procedures to include that all members can contribute to policy formation and ensure that:

  • Principles of democratic participation in AI are adhered to with a one vote one value on all policy decisions as determined by membership surveys and voting and not just attendance at BAGM’s or NAGM’s.
  • BAGM’s  and NAGM’s not expose themselves to undue influence from actions by groups with vested interests branch stacking meetings in support of new policy directions or resolutions .
  • Policy development processes are to be transparent and keep members informed with respect to outcomes of community engagement with all NGO stakeholders in a timely manner especially all those groups who have direct contact with affected groups or communities, to enable all views to be presented to all AI membership for consideration and voting .
  • Mandatory provision of information, respecting members public right to know , as contributed to by all proponents  that could inform members views towards Amnesty International policy on enhancing existing or adopting alternative best practise human rights based legislative proposals or enacted legislation in any jurisdiction.

We have found ourselves, as have many other members and now former members of Amnesty International Australia, unable to continue to support  an organisation which has lost sight of what ethical governance mechanisms constitute for a peak human rights organisation. Amnesty members in Australia need to think carefully about whether this is the sort of organisation they wish to continue to support when there are many other organisations who have a much better track record on due process and supporting the global campaign to end violence against women.” said Isla MacGregor

For further information contact:  Isla MacGregor – Former Amnesty member (resigned)                                                           Tasmania  – 62 391 054 or

Simone Watson – Survivor of prostitution and FormerAmnesty  member (resigned)                                                            Western Australia  – 0477 448 164

*Isla MacGregor previously worked with Whistleblowers Tasmania between 1994-2014 and in 2003 while working with the Coalition for Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (CICSA) contributed to theTerms of References for a Commission of Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in Tasmania[/i]. Isla continues to work with numerous Australian and international human rights organisations  which work toward ending violence to women, children and men in both the legal and illegal sectors of the sex trade and supports the growing international Stop Demand for prostitution campaign.

*Simone Watson is a survivor of  prostitution living in Western Australia. She joined the campaign against Amnesty International’s draft policy on “sex work” a year ago after reading it’s support for pimps, buyers and profiteers of sexual exploitation, and the flawed and biased consultation process it employed garnered by groups with a vested interest in expanding the sex trade.

A moment of honesty from



TRIGGER WARNING: LONG POST, MIXED METAPHORS is a site I try to avoid/ignore/forget about because its very existence serves to remind me what a pathetic, embarrassing, whiny, narcissistic, useless cock-centric waste of time and thought liberal “feminism” is. In fact, the very bowels of liberal feminism are represented by and, frankly, it’s fucking depressing – not just because it’s stupid and worthless, but because it demonstrates how completely lost young women are, how completely void of a political analysis they are, how deeply brainwashed they are by the men at the helm of the gender cult.

Let’s just be honest: feminism is dead. What the dominant culture calls feminism is a zombified version of the actual thing – a word that’s been made palatable for men, that’s been glittered over, the brains sucked out, and sold back to young women in the form of empowerment through fucking for…

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