Caesareans, listening and unspecified football


My Sunday morning breakfast viewing:

Readers, excuse me while I begin this with arbitrary notes. I took them while sitting in my pyjamas and was just getting the “feel” of the conversation.

Oh dear…

Studio 10 TV: On the panel :  Hosts :   Ita Buttrose AO, OBE, Journalist, author and TV personality.  Sarah Harris, journalist.  Joe Hildebrand, pundit.

Guests:   Kristina Keneally, former premier of NSW.   Carlotta, Entertainer, Cabaret performer and celebrity.

Two topics : 1. Women in Australia are having more caesarean sections than before.

2. Men listen to their female partners only one quarter of the time they listen to their mates  (otherwise known as other men).

Let the notations begin:

On the topic of caesarean sections:

Sarah Harris is concerned with the increase, Ita Buttrose has heard more women are having them to avoid pain, and Kristina Keneally states she would have died without the caesarean section…

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