What is consciousness-raising?

Purple Sage

This is an introduction to the concept of consciousness-raising for young feminists.

From the Routledge Critical Dictionary of Feminism and Post-Feminism

“Consciousness-raising (or CR) was a primary tactic of second wave feminism, which regarded it as a way of developing a shared consciousness of oppression among women. Consciousness-raising groups were founded on the credo that ‘the personal is political,’ encouraging participants to share their personal life experiences, such as childhood, motherhood and marriage. The belief was that, far from each story being individual, common patterns would emerge, thus demonstrating that female experience, rather than being exclusive to the individual, was in fact rooted in a wider system of sex inequality. Consciousness-raising groups did not aim for total introspection, but advocated moving on from personal narratives to evolving strategies to deal with oppression.”p208

Carol Hanisch wrote the essay, The Personal is Political, in 1969, and she explains some key points…

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