Oliver’s Twist: On Men Lecturing Women on How to be the Woman 


Despite flirting with fluorescent hair-dye, and other temporary signs of the queer anti-establishment prowess, transgenderists actually adore institutional validation.

In fact, they seek it. They demand it, adorn themselves with it like medals purchased from a pawn shop, and then demand some more.

Thus, success in trans terms invariably coincides with the stuff society insists are the indicators/symptoms of neoliberal accomplishment:  trans people in the military; or appearing cropped and photoshopped on magazine covers; and — coup de foudre — primetime telly, including collaborating with the same network that brought us 19 Kids and Counting.

Every weekly listicle on “How to be an awesome trans ally”  has, as a midpoint, the rejection of the  “you’re so brave narrative” as exoticizing “inspiration porn“.  But the status quo dispenses Courage Awards to trans “heroes” as if they were from a gold-star Pez dispenser.

In transgender parlance, they like…

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