How Do You Look in the Mirror?

Rebecca Mott

I have taken a break from writing and working, allowing myself time to relax and compute the many changes this blog has done to and for me.

That I may write about at a later point. I have come back to the sacred cow of leftist human rights – Amnesty International – throwing the prostituted class into the sea.

Personally, I would love all female members to boycott AI in solidarity with their prostituted sisters – but that is not going to happen.

But I will dream.

I would be a solid member of AI, if they had allowed themselves to have their policy on prostitution written by pimps, and fully backed by the sex trade lobby.

Are the prostituted class not human enough to have access to full human rights?

Do the boners of punters mean more than the living conditions of the prostituted?

Is AI being paid by the…

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