Neo-liberalism and sexualization

Purple Sage

Neo-liberalism has brought many social evils and one of those is the increased commodification and sexualization of women’s bodies. In this post I will compare regular-looking photos of women with sexualized photos and discuss how free-market capitalism is playing a role in this increased sexualization.

To make sure we’re on the same page in terms of what neo-liberalism is, here is a quote from Neo-liberalism or Democracy by Arthur MacEwan:

The economic policy that became dominant in most of the world during the final decades of the twentieth century has given greater and greater rein to unregulated, private decision-making. The policy calls for reducing the economic roles of government in providing social welfare, in managing economic activity at the aggregate and sectoral levels, and in regulating international commerce. The ideas at the foundation of this policy are not new. They come directly from the classical economic liberalism that emerged in…

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