Meghan Murphy @MeghanEMurphy, Feminist Current @FeministCurrent, & Maggie’s Toronto @MaggiesToronto (Canada)

Gender Identity Watch

Men’s Rights Activists that support the continued sexual exploitation of Women and Children continue to attack feminist Meghan Murphy. The MRAs attacked Murphy a few months ago  for “transphobia” for Murphy’s suggestion that Laverne Cox’s nude photos were not actually empowering. The MRAs also claimed that Murphy’s criticisms of prostitution posed a physical danger to women being trafficked for sex, and were inherently racist and transphobic. Her critics threatened a boycott of her employer,, asking that it fire her from her editorial position.

The MRAs are continuing their campaign against Murphy here. All of this effort is directed at a woman whose only crime is having the opinion that Women and Children should not be sexually exploited.

One of the leading organizing forces, Maggie’s Toronto, received more than 90% of its funding from the government from  2012 to 2014, the most recent years for which statements are public. During that time, Maggie’s has…

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