Staying Alive

“One prostituted human in any country is one too many..”

Rebecca Mott

OK I am listening to Spotify, and Staying Alive came on, and the block in my brain slowly shook awake.

I am alive – do not know why or even how.

And now after many lifetimes of wanting to die – I am want to stay alive.

I am useless at taking care of myself, but the more I understand I want to stay alive, the more I find I can live inside my own body.

But if you want to speak to the harms of prostitution, then see how many exited women cannot live within their own skins.

Think of the realities that my body – just an example of too many prostituted women – went through, and tell me you would be detached and/or hate that body.

I hear the shock and tears for women raped once.

Rape is seen as a form of torture, as the worse…

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