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120 Questions for Amnesty

#NoAmnesty4Pimps @AmnestyOnline 120 Questions for Amnesty

The Feministahood

On 24 August 2015, I published What Amnesty Did Wrong in which I laid out many errors that Amnesty made in developing its proposal for the full decriminalisation of all aspects of “consensual sex work”. This proposal had been passed as a resolution at a meeting of the International Council in Dublin two weeks earlier (referred to as “the resolution” in this article).

In September, members of an internal Amnesty USA discussion forum requested that Amnesty USA respond to all of the points that I raised in that article. On 22 September 2015, Terry Rockefeller replied to the forum on “behalf of the Board and the Priorities Subcommittee” declining to respond to the article because it was “filled with errors and rumors”. She failed to explain who made the errors or what she consider to be rumours. I believe Amnesty needs to clarify this. In order to make it…

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Catching Up With Myself

Rebecca Mott

This post is very personal, and I hope that personal bleeds into the political.

I want to what made who I had to be, what made me who I fight to return to.

I am sure I was born as a blank canvass, sure my personality and reason to know that I am human grow with experience – good or bad.

I was not born to be brought and sold, I was not born so men could make into a sexual doll.

I was not born to know and understand what torture is.

I was not born to want to die for too many years of my life.

I was born, like all babies – with wonder, with simple needs and rights, with the search for love.

I was born to reach what was my purpose – not to have my way blocked by male violence and hate.

But even as…

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Clever Johns: Women Created Marriage and A Bloke Read “Lysistrata”

Oh SMELL the entitlement of men who buy women. Here are  just two of the vile comments one can find  from just one of any publication or platform, where the idea that paid rape may be a bad thing is discussed. These gems come from The New York Times.( I imagine most men are not writing as eloquently on public restroom walls- but I could be wrong.)

These two are only slightly  different from the lazier insults; “Fuck ya cunts whores. Suck my dick!”, “Youse are just too ugly to fuck!”, the ever bizarre false equivalent “Sex is natural and healthy. Men need affection too!”  (I never understand that one. I thought men liked to live on gruel in a cupboard under some stairs), and the ever inspired accusations of “pearl-clutching”,  which feminists who believe women are human cop on a minute by minute basis. (We never get tired of that one I can tell you!)

But the smug is always clear, and the boys must have their say.

Here is this one whom I like to call the Economist/Historian/’Look at the time I am giving you by being very clever Man #1″:

“I’m curious if anyone has ever thought of heterosexual sex for money in terms of economics.

If you think of sex as an economic good (or service), women not engaged in sex work represent an economic cartel that sets the “price” for sex with men. Historically speaking, the price floor has been set very high. Men have to make women their wives and promise to support them and their children forever.

Extramarital sex in this economic perspective is thus considered a problem because it violates the cartel’s pricing structure. A man obtaining sex from a woman without marrying her is obtaining the cartel’s product without paying the desired price. This somewhat explains the greater shame and approbation traditionally heaped on women for extramarital sex — it’s the woman who controls the pricing. Too much extramarital sex without marriage makes marriage too expensive.

Historically, the cartel has had practicality on its side — pregnancy, small villages and close living quarters have made transaction costs high and made it easier for the cartel to maintain its pricing premium for non-monetary extramarital sex.

Prostitution represents a kind of existential threat to the cartel because it greatly reduces the price for the service, which is why women as a group are generally opposed to it. It completely undermines their price controls and forces them greatly raise the value of other services they provide (eg, cooking, cleaning, etc) in order to obtain the desired price.”...

(Right –

Women oppose prostitution because we are running a marriage “cartel”? You women who are not engaged in prostitution are setting far too high a price for the rest of us! I had no idea women own the  majority of the world’s capital and had all this power!  Where did I put my man-stock portfolio?   God forbid men be expected to care for their children. It seems women create these children on our own.  We women are a conniving brand of  breeding creatures, a flesh and blood commodity looking to trap men in order to keep creating children. The author assumes, of course, that prostituted women don’t get pregnant and have children to care for. As a single-mother living in poverty, with a disability from being raped and paid for by johns in fully decrimanilsed prostitution (Yay safety and regulation!), I could have trapped a man as intelligent and clever as this one.  (Admit it, he’s adorable. You know you want him.)   Credit for mentioning the “approbation” handed women who have sex outside of marriage though dude- you’re a true feminist ally. )

Oh and look! Now it is ” WE AS A SPECIES! Man who can also Read” #2:

” We as a species seem way too obsessed and concerned about sex.
I am a USA male so I too am obsessed with thinking about it.
Males seeking sex do crazy things.
Males jobless in mid-east cultures are unable to get in stable relationships with women.
Males jobless in USA cannot get in stable relationships either.
Those in the US at least have some opportunity for sex
Those elsewhere often are in restricted cultures and cannot find sex, except for prostitutes or by assaulting women.
Lack of sex for young men invariably leads to strife, sometimes war and crime too.
Prostitution alleviates a very small part of these problems.
Anyone ever read Lysistrata?
While half joking I think were all men over 15 guaranteed they would be having sex regularly much of the anger and frustration that leads to violence and war would be gone and we would have a much safer happier world. Know how men just seem to roll over and sleep…sleeping men rarely are stealing or hurting or shooting others.”

(Right –

There should be a class of women to receive male violence in order to prevent male violence because “we as a species” are violent? Dead men don’t commit “strife” either yet men manage to rape and slaughter women and children in their efforts to kill each other in war on the streets or in sanctified battles.  Men rape and murder women in the home and outside it, (usually for having the temerity to make a run for it.)  Men in the Mid-east don’t have sex, which makes it rather strange that their sisters, mothers and aunts are sentenced to death for having sex outside of marriage, or being raped.

There are millions of prostituted women to use for male placation – isn’t it odd that all men aren’t sleeping?

By the way women murdered by men in the home, or women murdered by men who managed to escape the home, is getting up to two a week in Australia, 3 a day in the USA. (The countless murdered prostituted are just that, countless.)

Nonetheless, the moral obligation falls on women to provide sex to men and hope, you know, that they don’t go and rape and kill somebody else. It is really very contrary of us to insist men do not have a right to us in anyway.  After-all some are offering to pay us for being raped. Stupid women.

Amnesty sells out women for men’s orgasms and profit

REAL for women

Human rights group Amnesty International’s (AI) 2015 policy on ‘sex work’ advocates for pimps and johns rights to buy and sell women for ‘sex’ by calling on countries to decriminalise all aspects of the sex industry.

This is as opposed to the Nordic model of prostitution, which implements the full decriminalisation of prostituted people hand in hand with support services and exit programs, while criminalising the pimps and johns who create the demand for, and profit from, this highly gendered and inherently violent and degrading ‘industry’.

Amnesty money does not equal consentIn 2014, an AI draft policy was leaked revealing AI’s future intentions to endorse the full decriminalisation of the sex industry, including the pimps and johns. During a Q & A that followed, the Director of AI UK said, “in an imperfect world many women end up in ‘sex work’ as an economic last resort“. As an economic last resort, there is no choice…

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– Kajsa Ekis Ekman: EU Project Hijacked by The Prostitution Lobby

EU Project Hijacked by The Prostitution Lobby
Sweden is represented by people who oppose the Swedish Sex Purchase Law and, in addition, lack relevant expertise

© Kajsa Ekis Ekman *

Capture d’écran 2015-09-03 à 11.13.42

“May 13, 2015, Stockholm. First the good news: the Swedish model criminalizing the purchase of sex – is gaining ground. In recent years, Iceland, Norway, Canada, and Northern Ireland has passed sex purchase laws, and France may too, while even more nations decide to increase focus on the demand – that is, on the responsibility of the sex-purchasing man. Finally, we are focusing on the real driving force behind the prostitution industry: the johns.

The European Parliament passed a Resolution last year concluding that the Swedish model was the most efficient in terms of curbing human trafficking. The European Commission also announced a research project of 2.5 million Euro to study the demand.

All this has meant that the pro-prostitution…

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