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– “I survived prostitution by killing all my emotions, painted on the happy hooker smile, learned to fake orgasms.”

Rebecca Mott‘s Speech at Feminism in London’s Conference 2015


“It is great to be speaking here. I am amazed at the hard work and dedication that has gone into creating this event.

I was up and down about being here. This is I find too much of modern feminism is liberal, and speak to the anti-abolitionist language. But I am proud to be here – for this conference has made a strong stance for the Nordic Approach, and made it clear this is not a debate with the sex work lobby.

I speak a radical exited woman who cannot debate when I see and know of a constant genocide of the prostituted class being made normal. This is a genocide that is made invisible by the sex trade profiteers who will replace the dead or discarded prostituted by yet more vulnerable women and girls.

The reason I fight so…

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Driven by the bosses; benefiting the bosses: The push to decriminalise the sex industry

Autonomous Radical Feminists

Imagine opposing big business in ALL its forms. Challenging industry lobbyists. Following the money. Fighting for alternatives. Freeing the world’s poor from having to service the world’s rich. Choosing solidarity with women, children and the world’s poorest.

The deregulated banking industry started the 2008 financial crisis, which paved the way for austerity. Volkswagen fitted cars with devices to cheat emission tests. Food, pharma and agricultural industries lobby governments to minimise controls and accountability, to the detriment of human health and the environment. The licence for the drug Daraprim (vital for people with HIV infection) was purchased by Martin Shkrelrim, who increased its price from $13.50 to $750 a tablet, this was entirely legal.

Does industry deregulation benefit workers? Can industry be trusted to regulate itself for the benefit of people, society or the environment? Sex industry advocates insist that it can.

We are told that prostitution is a free and…

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“Zero, zilch, nada” evidence to support gender transition of young children

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I generally avoid direct criticism of parents who are struggling to raise a child who adamantly claims to be the opposite sex. After all, these are often desperate, distressed parents, just trying to figure out the right thing to do–like I am.

But some of these parents have turned into activists, eagerly promoting pediatric transition, even starting their own organizations with dubious policies–like sneaking free breast binders to 9-year-old girls behind their parents’ backs.  And a fair few seem to be capitalizing on the kid-trans-trend to make money or garner media attention, essentially trapping their kids into a transgender identity by parading them in front of TV cameras.

Recently, one of these online moms has been cited a lot by the early transition activists, so I thought I’d take a closer look at what she had to say.

What I found is that….she agrees with me!

Well, not exactly.

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Sex Work works (like this)

No matter how old you get, johns will buy you for sex. Men will throw “you a line” to say you are lucky they still want to fuck you.
Latest  insults from the sex industry were that I am too old to have a say on prostitution even if I was “the best of the best” back in the day ..

Oh my darling young women… you can’t yet know how much men hate you and still buy you like rotten oranges…





Simone Watson is a prostitution survivor and the director of NORMAC (Nordic Model in Australia Coalition)

hotel bathroom melbourne amnesty hrc

S : You have worked in legal and illegal massage parlors. Can you describe these places and are there any differences in safety and material conditions for prostituted women between these different types of indoor prostitution ?

SW : I worked in decriminalized, legalised and illegal prostitution in Australia. Prostitution was legal in brothels, but it was illegal in massage parlors. So when I worked in massage parlors, it was technically illegal, but that’s where I got the so called « high flyers », the politicians, the star athletes. The business men. The massage parlor was in a penthouse, on the top floor in the center of the city of Melbourne. We had security cameras, we did not have to parade in lingerie, we had separate…

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Written To Those Who Are Gone

Rebecca Mott

I write this blog, always aware that it was pure chance that I am here.

The sex trade works on the assumption that most of its sexual goods will be made to disappear.

Disappear into such deep trauma, that their voices are silenced.

Disappear in to being voiceless and without a past, as so many of survivors of prostitution cannot know what they had to endured.

Disappear into death – whether suicide, too ill to live, or murder – and having their deaths made into nothing.

I write for the voiceless prostituted, I write to state over and over that every single prostituted person matters – none can be made nothing.

I write to the void the sex trade wants to make.

That is why I write in blood, that is why I write in tears, that is why I cannot stop my writing.

I know it was luck that I was…

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