Christmas and All That

Rebecca Mott

This post is written to any punter who think Christmas is a good time to buy a human for his sexual greed.

This post is written to all those who see Christmas as a way to make a profit from selling the prostituted.

You are seen – you cannot hide, or pretend it can made harm-free or acceptable.

I like most indoors prostituted women had Christmas destroyed by your selfishness.

Yes, I made more money – but with more money was increased violence and being made sub-human.

Most punters that used the prostituted during the Christmas period are married or a stable relationship – many are family men.

They don’t care about the love of their families or bringing gifts of care and support to their loved ones.

No, all that matters is that their penis is happy, that they are can controlled and tortured another human for that penis.

Punters invent…

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