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Isolation and Frustration

Rebecca Mott asks us is she asking too much? No, she isn’t…

Rebecca Mott

I am very proud of this blog, and all the work associated with it – but I also feel very isolated, and often abandoned.

I know it a long and exhausting road to my dream of full abolition of the sex trade, and it may not occur in my lifetime.

I know that exiting from the sex trade is lonely and deeply isolating experience – and living in extreme complex trauma is a battle only a survivor can fully know.

But, but, but –

I also know there are many exited women who are isolated, and like me fighting with determination and deep warrior strength to bring about real change for all the prostituted.

We need each other in many and often complex ways.

We have so much to offer the abolitionist movement if we had the mental energy to give it.

But with isolation comes deep frustration, a constant…

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The Sex Trade is Not an Appendix

Rebecca Mott :

Rebecca Mott

I have had enough.

Had enough of continually being at events and demonstrations with the focus on violence against women and girls, and violence inside the sex trade is either not mention or seen as a tag on.

Often the only reason that violence inside the sex trade is briefly mention, is only to compare and contrast with other forms of male violence.

I am sick of the severity of the tortures and extreme brainwashing being made into an appendix for the movement against male violence.

This is not just insulting and deeply patronising, but also is a refusal to see and know that the violence inside the sex trade is the foundation stones for all other violence done to women and girls.

It is a refusal to take seriously how deeply political it is to be fighting against the sex trade for exited women – instead we are kept as individual…

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