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What Do I Expect from Him?

I expect this from you too. All of the Transactivists and their Allies

My Only Path to Power

I believe that he has gender dysphoria. I believe that when he looks in the mirror he sees a man and expects to see a woman, and I believe that this situation is extremely uncomfortable. I believe that his decision to live as a woman was not easy nor casual nor malicious.

However, I also believe that he has a responsibility to be kind and empathetic and honest, to women and especially to his wife. I married a person I thought had these qualities. I yoked myself to a person I thought would think as much of me as he thinks of himself.

Because his dysphoria is so uncomfortable, he feels that he has no choice but to live as a woman and no choice but to accept every line of the transgender political movement. How can I expect him to do otherwise, he asks?

The following is what I expect of…

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The Left’s Love of Prostitution – An Open Letter from Exited Women

An Open Letter From Exited Survivors, Germany

Survivor Megaphone

Open letter to Left Youth Solid, an official youth organization of the German party The Left, regarding the position paper “Solidarity with Sex Workers – No to the new prostitute protection act – No to paternalism and other-directedness in the sexual service industry” (“Solidarität mit Sexarbeiter*innen – Nein zum neuen Prostituiertenschutzgesetz – Nein zu Bevormundung und Fremdbestimmung im sexuellen Dienstleistungsgewerbe”).

By Huschke Mau and eight other women exited from prostitution
Originally published in German under the title “Die Linke Freude an der Prostitution – Huschke Mau an die Bremer Linksjugend” at, 21 April 2016

Dear People of Left Youth Solid,

I want to make it clear that I am addressing those of you who voted for the proposal “Solidarity with Sex Workers – No to the new prostitute protection act – No to paternalism and other-directedness in the sexual service industry” at Left Youth Solid’s federal meeting on…

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Listen: ‘You can’t stop anything by encouraging it’ Rachel Moran on Prostitution, Capitalism and Solidarity

Rachel Moran “Listen You Can’t Stop Anything by Encouraging it” Interview.


MoranRachelMy guest for today’s episode is Dublin-based, prostitution survivor, feminist and writer, Rachel Moran. Starting at 15 years old, Rachel was prostituted throughout Ireland for seven years. After getting out of the sex industry, Rachel entered Dublin City University where she completed a journalism degree and eventually winning the Hybrid Award for excellence in journalism. Her memoir, “Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution” was published in 2013 and Rachel continues fight for the abolition of prostitution through lectures and campaigns such as Turn Off The Red Light. In 2012, Rachel co-founded Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment, an international organization of prostitution survivors fighting for the end of prostitution and the sex industry.

I spoke with Rachel in December in Vancouver, British Columbia where she was a guest speaker the Montreal Massacre Memorial, an annual gathering organized by Vancouver Rape Relief.


Rachel Moran was prostituted for seven years…

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