The Untameable Shrews: Taking their Message to the Streets!

“The Untameable Shrews have taken over Melbourne and elsewhere, in a campaign to demand men stop the sexual exploitation of women.

In an unashamedly pro-woman campaign the “Shrews” have declared “Vulva La Revolution” and have been going viral sharing graffiti in the form of sticker-bombing.


Last week they defied pimps, johns and pornographers at Melbourne’s Sexpo (or SLEAZEFEAST as the “Shrews’ call it). Melbourne has been named “the worlds’ most liveable city”. Liveable for whom? With a legal sex trade and advertising promoting brothels, strip clubs where the government profits from women’s sexual exploitation, it is not particularly liveable for women and girls.


The Shrews started their journey tearing down and painting over  posters with a letter writing campaign to councils and local government.

Their street art involves paste ups, stickers and stencils using non-violent messages stating the facts about male violence against women, such as porn is sexual, verbal and physical abuse towards women by men. the Untameable Shrews do not accept that any violence against women is acceptable and insist that male violence is the single determining factor in such abuse.



The “shrews” maintain that the irony of Sexpo happening on White Ribbon Australia Day is certainly not lost on them and hope that White Ribbon takes note of that. The Shrews have active members in Tasmania, Brisbane and the ACT, as well as New Zealand and Germany. They’re going global and have many upcoming national and international campaigns.

You can follow The “Shrews” here –




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