Vixen Collective? Vixen Collective Unspun:


Vixen Collective (Victoria’s peer only sex worker organisation)

Vixen’s Mission:
To empower all sex workers through the provision of community and peer support, and promoting the cultural, legal, human, occupational and civil rights of all sex workers.

VIXEN aims to overcome divisions between workers and acknowledge the links between us all. We celebrate us in all our diversity!

VIXEN is committed to promoting the wellbeing and rights of sex workers from all unique backgrounds. We value our members’ diversity of race, culture, gender, sexuality, ability, choice of drug use, ways of working and so on.

VIXEN also runs regular six weekly meetings for sex workers to catch up, be active in promoting sex worker rights and support each other.

The members of this Facebook Group are Victorian Sex Workers and Supporters. If you would like to show your support please feel free to join.

This is a community page, the intention of which is to share information relevant to the sex industry, promote discussion of sex worker rights and build solidarity and understanding with the broader community.

It is not the space for advertising nor is it the space for individuals to solicit new relationships. We will not tolerate any racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, whorephobia, slut shaming, fat shaming, victim blaming or any other behaviour perpetuates stigma against anyone.


Hmm.. Lets try that again:

Vixen Collective unspun sounds more like a Mens’ Rights group-  lets go with –



Hiscon’s mission:
To empower all sex buyers, pimps, procurers, profiteers and sex traffickers through propaganda extolling men’s entitlement and privilege through funding and control of ‘sex worker front groups’ and promotion of the mantra of choice and agency by sex workers.

HISCON aims to provoke divisions between sex workers and survivors of the sex trade to ensure no links can be forged to undermine our continued interest in perpetrating violence and abuse against girls and women we purchase to degrade and maintain our dominance over. We celebrate our success in perpetuating the commodification of girls and women and any others we choose to sexually exploit and want to increase supply of girls and women to be degraded by expanding an underclass of women through financial impoverishment or by any other means.

HISCON is committed to promoting men’s sociopathic behaviour and sexual aggression towards all women regardless of their class.  As proud misogynists we pride ourselves in targeting girls and women in ndigenous, ethnic and disadvantaged communities especially those who have been: sexually abused as children,  disabled, homeless, drug addicted, have a mental health illness or are trafficked as a result of military conflicts or ecological disasters.

HISCON runs regular six weekly meetings for sex buyers, procurers , pimps and profiteers  to share news and discuss how to further men’s right to sexually abuse and exploit girls and women.

The members of the Hiscon Facebook Group come from all over the world and are ready and waiting to buy girls or women in any circumstances. If you would like to show your support please feel free to join.

This is a community page, the intention of which is to share information relevant to men’s privilege and need to increase supply of girls and women to provide an outlet for our natural aggression and need to dominate women.  We want to build solidarity with other men and entrench male privilege in the minds of the broader community, corporations and politicians.

This is a space for advertising your opinions about your experiences as a punter and as advocates for free speech we welcome any comments that are: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, whorephobic, survivor phobic, slut shaming, fat shaming, and any other degrading and hateful language you choose to use against the underclass women.



I think a everyone can do with a bit of honesty now and then. 


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