Six survivors speak out about New Zealand’s punishing “sex” industry

Reality NZ

writing by renee

Below are six testimonies from women who have all been exploited within New Zealand’s sex trade, and who have exited to become vocally critical of the trade itself and wanting to see open debate on prostitution legislation in New Zealand.

Rae Story, excerpt from Working in a New Zealand brothel was anything but ‘a job like any other’, published on Feminist Current

The boss liked us to work most nights and so the constant interference from (often) rabid men left us bruised and sore. This one particular john had a thick penis, which he liked to jab in and out of me, as hard and fast as he could. Initially, I tried to breathe deeply and relax my muscles, but the pain was excruciating. I began to hold onto his hips to slow him down, push him away from me, but he got impatient and then angry, before flouncing off…

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Vixen Collective? Vixen Collective Unspun:


Vixen Collective (Victoria’s peer only sex worker organisation)

Vixen’s Mission:
To empower all sex workers through the provision of community and peer support, and promoting the cultural, legal, human, occupational and civil rights of all sex workers.

VIXEN aims to overcome divisions between workers and acknowledge the links between us all. We celebrate us in all our diversity!

VIXEN is committed to promoting the wellbeing and rights of sex workers from all unique backgrounds. We value our members’ diversity of race, culture, gender, sexuality, ability, choice of drug use, ways of working and so on.

VIXEN also runs regular six weekly meetings for sex workers to catch up, be active in promoting sex worker rights and support each other.

The members of this Facebook Group are Victorian Sex Workers and Supporters. If you would like to show your support please feel free to join.

This is a community page, the intention of which is to share information relevant to the sex industry, promote discussion of sex worker rights and build solidarity and understanding with the broader community.

It is not the space for advertising nor is it the space for individuals to solicit new relationships. We will not tolerate any racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, whorephobia, slut shaming, fat shaming, victim blaming or any other behaviour perpetuates stigma against anyone.


Hmm.. Lets try that again:

Vixen Collective unspun sounds more like a Mens’ Rights group-  lets go with –



Hiscon’s mission:
To empower all sex buyers, pimps, procurers, profiteers and sex traffickers through propaganda extolling men’s entitlement and privilege through funding and control of ‘sex worker front groups’ and promotion of the mantra of choice and agency by sex workers.

HISCON aims to provoke divisions between sex workers and survivors of the sex trade to ensure no links can be forged to undermine our continued interest in perpetrating violence and abuse against girls and women we purchase to degrade and maintain our dominance over. We celebrate our success in perpetuating the commodification of girls and women and any others we choose to sexually exploit and want to increase supply of girls and women to be degraded by expanding an underclass of women through financial impoverishment or by any other means.

HISCON is committed to promoting men’s sociopathic behaviour and sexual aggression towards all women regardless of their class.  As proud misogynists we pride ourselves in targeting girls and women in ndigenous, ethnic and disadvantaged communities especially those who have been: sexually abused as children,  disabled, homeless, drug addicted, have a mental health illness or are trafficked as a result of military conflicts or ecological disasters.

HISCON runs regular six weekly meetings for sex buyers, procurers , pimps and profiteers  to share news and discuss how to further men’s right to sexually abuse and exploit girls and women.

The members of the Hiscon Facebook Group come from all over the world and are ready and waiting to buy girls or women in any circumstances. If you would like to show your support please feel free to join.

This is a community page, the intention of which is to share information relevant to men’s privilege and need to increase supply of girls and women to provide an outlet for our natural aggression and need to dominate women.  We want to build solidarity with other men and entrench male privilege in the minds of the broader community, corporations and politicians.

This is a space for advertising your opinions about your experiences as a punter and as advocates for free speech we welcome any comments that are: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, whorephobic, survivor phobic, slut shaming, fat shaming, and any other degrading and hateful language you choose to use against the underclass women.



I think a everyone can do with a bit of honesty now and then. 

Slap the Pimps on the Back: Prostituted women Don’t Matter in Australia




Sitting in front of the select committee in South Australian parliament to testify against the decriminalisation of sex-buyers, pimps and profiteers in 2016 I could have been forgiven for thinking the sex-trade was comprised of women with disabilities buying sex from men. My experience of being bought by men along with that of currently and formerly prostituted women seemed to disappear in a puff of smoke.


Two women and a representative of a disability care organisation testified at the loneliness and lack of physical intimacy suffered by disabled women and their heart-wrenching stories moved the committee to exceptional patience and compassion as they stumbled through, with much courage, lengths of personal testimony on their suffering due to lack of access to sex. I was moved too- so much so that when it was my turn to testify,  I forgot that it wasn’t illegal for two parties to buy or sell sex in South Australia, and therefore query what on earth they were talking about. Hadn’t they just told the committee that they used male ‘sex workers’ legally? Why, for example, did anyone else have to profit from the experience of paying and being bought for sex? Why were they insisting that pimps be legitimised? Did the fact that the prostituted incur disability matter?  Did my disability matter? (nope.)

My testimony immediately followed theirs and was met with about as much patience and compassion as a chain-smoker in a room full of asthmatics. Apart from speaking about my time in legal prostitution I spoke of women I had met who had been sex-trafficked in New South Wales. But that was prior to decriminalisation, insisted Tammy Franks of the Greens Party exchanging conspirational smiles with committee chair Michelle Lensink- (We got her now!)

I was so surprised that any one could smile during my testimony I forgot to correct that assumption and remind them that decriminalisation in NSW had happened nearly a decade before I met these women, and it was the decriminalisation of pimps and sex-buyers that came after my time there.

These women meant business and that was to push the bill through at any cost. An effective tactic was to sit glaring into my eyes while I stumbled, with much courage, through my personal testimony (now shortened due to time constraints) of suffering at the hands of men who bought me for sex.

Since 1979, various bodies have been trying to push through further deregulation of prostitution in South Australia to extend decriminalisation to brothel owners and other third party profiteers. Now, in 2017 Michelle Lensink is telling us to get with the times and expresses confidence that this bill will pass. Others are not so sure but one would hope that the lessons learned from such legislation in NSW and New Zealand would pose a warning to those who believe that the expansion of the sex-trade is a positive move.

Not all of the bill is problematic. On paper it has some healthy rhetoric around removing restrictions on the prostituted on the basis of stigmatisation and discrimination. It is ‘fluffy’ language and meaningless in terms of efficacy but at least it looks like they tried. Scrolling through the proposed bill nothing seems untoward until one finds the clause protecting pimps,sex-buyers, advertisers and procurers. That they are added under such protections is a dangerous and unnecessary inclusion in an otherwise harmless kind of document. And while front groups for pimps and sex-buyers are referred to as being sex workers just because they say they are,  I am referred to as a “self described” prostitution survivor.

Apparently rhetoric goes a long way. ‘Sex worker rights are human rights’ is one such slogan designed to jibe the general public into complicity with pimps and extend funding to front groups who call themselves ‘sex workers’. While the proposed bill makes some tentative inclusion of exit programs, most references used are from the Scarlet Alliance, (cohorts with the Sex Industry Network (SIN) in South Australia) who along with the Vixen Collective were upset at ongoing funding being given to the only entity offering exit programs for those who want to leave the sex-trade – Project Respect. They were ‘outraged’ in fact:

The Scarlet Alliance and Vixen use the language of ‘peer-support’ as the best method of supporting ‘sex-workers’ . Peer support from a class analysis and indeed a psychological therapeutic frame work makes sense to me, and would make for an important debate around issues of state control, paternalism and crusades formulated and endorsed by those who consider the prostituted as mainly ‘bad women’ who are tempters of men. They would make sense if peer support was actually grounded in the abuses of the rights of the underclass, but in this case they are not. Given these groups are not representative of the prostituted, the very idea that they are referring to such peer support for that majority is an indefensible breach of , and disconnect from, the most marginalised in the sex trade.

While ‘sex worker rights’ groups such as the Scarlet Alliance claim federal funding to disseminate propaganda aimed at ‘lifting’ up an underclass, the majority in prostitution are swept up in the neo-liberalism of identity politics and pushed to the wayside-with the use of mainly females for male sexual gratification being framed as a ‘choice’ for women,and any harm suffered reducible to ‘stigma’ rather than male violence. Socialists unite and let men have at us in the name of liberation for the masses? Criminalising sex-buyers and pimps ‘pushes prostitution underground and makes it dangerous’? Is it some underpass or side street that jumps out and murders women? I’m sure the men who rape and murder the women they buy are pleased at their complete lack of responsibility here. Where are the Scarlet Alliance when a woman is raped and tortured in legal prostitution and the law deems it a theft of service? The silence is deafening.

For my part, if I must be stigmatised I would rather that stigmatisation be based on the reality of being prostituted than be heralded in the future as someone who fought to normalise the expansion of the sex-trade and the male sexual entitlement that put me there. Shame on Lensink and Franks for being on the side of pathological commercialisation and an abstract ideology that refuses to locate the human toll within that. Their almost gleeful push for decriminalising sex-buyers, pimps and profiteers  reminds me of the school yard mentality of back-slapping the one who dealt the latest blow to the underdog. It is something to be truly ashamed of.


  • Update: last link below is part of a Hansard from Tammy Franks MP from July 5 th 2017






A few weeks after the publication of this blog, Tammy Franks really enjoyed putting the boot  in. Her sympathy for the disabled apparently does not extend to people with disabilities created in the sex-trade such as myself, and her claim that anyone, including the disabled, are not legally allowed to buy sex is a flat out lie. Astonishingly she goes to great length to dismiss the feminists who testified against decriminalising pimps and johns because she didn’t know who they were. Apparently, if you hadn’t had a cigarette behind the shelter-sheds  with Ms Franks when she was in high school you couldn’t possibly be a feminist. tammy franks hansard July 5 2017

Look Back in Anger

Rebecca Mott

The sex work lobby wants exited women to disappear into silence.

We will not, we will be loud, we will speak truth to power, we will not rest as we see the daily genocide of the prostituted.

Exited women are not meant to be here.

We are meant to be dead – or too damaged to speak out.

No-one is allowed to a witness to the conditions of prostitution.

That is the reality of how the sex trade has always worked, it destroyed all our humanity and power to express our truths.

But we are alive, we have keep our sanity, we are growing in our truth-speaking.

We know our past are the presents of far too many prostituted women and girls.

And we are angry.

We see and know the rooms, the streets, the brothels, the hotels, the flats, the cars, and endless sites that are prostituted Sisters are…

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Guest post: Why don’t more women in New Zealand’s sex trade advocate to criminalise pimps?

writing by renee

In 2003, the Prostitution Reform Act (PRA) was passed, introducing a policy of full decriminalisation of the sex trade to New Zealand. Under this model, women in prostitution are no longer criminalised, like they were previously; but neither are pimps or johns. The PRA decriminalised women by legitimising prostitution, accepting it as business, or “a job like any other”. Here, guest blogger Kate (whose real name is protected for safety reasons) talks about why more women in New Zealand’s sex trade do not advocate for the criminalisation of pimps and johns, but not prostituted women – this is known as the “Nordic Model”.

The most obvious reason more women in prostitution in this country aren’t advocating the Nordic Model, is that they’ve never heard of it. In the Auckland brothel where I’ve been sold for sexual use for over ten years, I have met hundreds of other women, there for…

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One for the Men: On Prostitution and Thankfulness

“Oh you’re different though. You’re not one of those feminists who hate men.”

Perhaps because my reputation as a sex-negative-man-hating-radical feminist sex-trade abolitionist- banshee precedes me, I often encounter this smiling, insistent comment/question during almost any conversation with someone new. Some men await confirmation with their eyes glancing towards the nearest exit, others however are already at mental rest, and need to be dissuaded of the comfortable notion that somehow I disapprove of women who do indeed hate men.

I don’t.

So now we’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to address something I find infuriating in women who are pro-prostitution and disingenuously use the “You’re a man, what would you know?” card on men who abhor the sex-trade.  By men who abhor the sex trade I don’t mean men who seek cookies for abstaining from using prostituted women and think they are exceptional for it-( lame-arse, self-aggrandising bores; not being a paying sexual abuser earns you exactly zero credit from my perspective and you’re probably lying anyway)- but those who actively fight against male entitlement to buy women and girls as sexual commodities.


You see, a lot of men get a disproportionate amount of credit for simply not killing and raping and it is a bit tiresome to have to pat your son, husband, nephew,  uncle, boyfriend, friend or father on the head for the act of not behaving like a cuntless wonder.  But men who actively fight against the sex-trade are absolutely crucial to abolishing it because without male demand to end  paid sexual abuse in the form of prostitution and pornography (filmed prostitution), women like me would have no hope whatsoever of seeing the back of it or it’s apologists.

If men stopped paying to sexually use us then all this trade in human beings for sexual access would stop , end, cease to exist.

Women who feign being insulted by women like me who call them out every time they insist prostitution is feminist tend to try and silence me with patronising or hostile dismissals or rebukes. Men sit back and enjoy us arguing.

But there is another way they try and do this and it is also very effective. They leap-frog me in conversation and go for the jugular of the nearest man who supports the abolition of the sex trade.

I am quite a fan of the “You’re a man, you have no right to discuss womens’ experience” charge. It’s accurate, and it is about as close to telling men to bugger off as I can get without threat of being physically attacked by them, especially if I do it from the distance of the blogosphere. That is quite telling of womens’ very real fear of being raped , beaten and murdered by men every minute of every day globally.

Yes, right now a man is buying a woman, a man is raping a woman, a man is beating a woman, a man is murdering a woman. Oh yawn, how dull. Can’t we make this reality a human right? Can’t we make this sexier? It is so boorrrrrrriing.

With that in mind I’m going to tell pro-prostitution women to stop using the important  actual necessity of telling men to bugger off when it comes to womens’ rights when they don’t give a shit themselves,  and to take their disingenuous arguments about men not having the right to speak about what men do to us, and shove it.

Women, if you are pro-prostitution you are not a feminist. So stop leap-frogging prostitution survivors and faking enthusiasm for women’s rights. You have no politics and no right to argue for our oppression as a class.

Attacking  the men who refuse to buy us and organise against our purchase by using me as a platform to ignore, that is plain bad form . I may not like men very much but aren’t you a tad , bit, completely obnoxious to target them because you are afraid to target me? You have no argument that isn’t vacuous so it is easy to go for these men instead of me because I’ll pin your argument down and dismantle it and you know it.

You’ve got away with so much woman hating shit by being female that I’ve come to hate you (ideologically anyway) myself. But then, the material and psychological reality of living under patriarchy means that my hatred or even vague dislike of you is irrelevant because a whole lot of men will let you live and stroke your ego for standing up for them. It won’t stop them from abusing you in the long run, but it may keep you safe in the moment. I get it.

I mean I really get it. This is exactly what prostituted women must endure to stay alive in a world where appeasing men doesn’t guarantee our safety from male violence but in capitalist-patriarchy we cling to because it is easier to side with rapists and other entitled shits and call it a choice than it is to stop them.

There is nothing psychologically complex about this. How many times have you heard women over a coffee laugh at how stupid men are? How many times have we all had a giggle at men being like ‘children’? Too many times to count because we do it incessantly. Am I right?

It makes life endurable to laugh at men.   For example, I personally cringe at crude humour, but put me together with some of the smartest women I know- survivors of prostitution – and in no time we are cracking jokes about the men who have paid to rape us. It is incredibly human; this natural cohesion and cackling at the lowest common denominator. What is important to realise is that the prostituted are not the lowest, it’s the scum-bags who buy us who are.  We know this. Alone with a man we know he could easily bash us to death for laughing at him. Every woman knows this. Even capitulating to the use of hierarchical language such as “low” and “high” is a capitulation to structures of superiority but here we are. Surviving as best you can is a double-edged sword.

Allow me to show you a group of white self pro-claimed”sex workers” promoted by the BBC . Check out the snark, check out the eye-rolling and complete dearth of ethical responses to (some) genuine claims and queries in this cleverly grafted pro prostitution propaganda:

One would imagine that these are the real faces of prostituted women. It reminds me of the signs of smiling pigs and cows outside butcher shops. The chicken giving you the thumbs up to eat them.

Oh my, did I just equate “sex workers” with pigs, cows and chooks?

Why yes I did. How else do you think men who buy us think of us?

If you don’t think the way men think of us impacts on their choice to buy us you are bonkers.  Or perhaps, as happens in almost any other group of people,you are clinical narcissists. eg. One of the women in this clip defended her right to be a “sex worker” on the basis that she pays her taxes as if contributing to the GDP, which furthers the expansion of the sale of a class of people, is a good thing because she is choosing it for herself and this makes the sex-trade just fine because it isn’t harming her personally.

Well, I don’t subscribe to right-wing ideology. I don’t subscribe to Thatcherite-Reaganism and the oppression of the majority based on the applause of the few.

Apart from the complete lack of structural analysis- (the fact that decriminalising johns and pimps leads to the inevitable expansion of the sex-trade in those who do not want to be in it) – I could not care less how these “sex workers” earn a living. It is actually cringe-worthy how they think they are so risque, interesting and misunderstood. They are so unutterably boring it would be laughable if the sex-trade truly was harmless.

It’s laughable until you are trying to find a way out of prostitution and people keep shoving it down your throat that this is a job like any other. It is laughable until you realise that the lies you tell about orgasms  (above, I mean really, are you shitting me?) become the lies you tell not just the men who buy you (some of whom will beat you if you do orgasm by the way), but the lie you tell yourself and everybody else.  It is laughable and apparently so hilarious, to talk down to any one who asks questions about the reality of prostitution, roll your eyes at them, explain you are a professional “submissive” (not a real one- hahahaha) or dominatrix (who doesn’t have to be penetrated but gets to bash the shit out of men who like it- go you!). It’s laughable until you’ve been years in prostitution and the men stop paying for you unless the acts get more and more violent. It is laughable until you realise you still don’t have that flat you were saving for and no proper work experience any where else.

You can go into the fetish market of course. Women who are fucked while sleeping? Men who fetishise wrinkles and rolls? Men who want to fuck us when we are dressed as 2 year olds? Men who want our emotional energy and to be cuddled like babies while they chew our breasts and shit in diapers? Men who want to fuck their mothers and grandmothers but feel like they are sick for wanting to? Aw, poor men. Yes, it is disgusting wanting to fuck your mother or grandmother or daughter, but hey, it is so liberating for us prostituted women to tell you you are not repulsive fuckers. (You are disgusting, I hope you all die and soon because you are taking up invaluable space, but I won’t say that directly because at the moment you are bribing me with money to cover the fucking rent you arsehole.)

It is laughable until you realise that men can murder you with impunity.

It is laughable until you realise that a man who has raped you is not charged with rape but with “theft of service.”

So kudos to the men who do more than pay lip-service to abstention from buying and trading in us as sexual commodities.

I imagine I’d probably have a more sisterly conversation with the women in the sex-trade who insist they enjoy it, and the women who have no experience of it but claim it is all about a ‘woman’s right to choose’ than I would with these men who actively oppose the sex-trade because men do so often expect me to mollify their feelings of shame at being male as a class and I am not particularly inclined to mollify them.

But these men can take my word for it, yes I need you to stop buying us for sex and yes I insist you speak out against the sex-trade every single day to other men.

Thanks for that and keep it going.

As you can see, the pimp propaganda using self-proclaimed “sex workers” is effective. While women argue amongst ourselves and prostitution survivors like myself are leap-frogged in discussion, I DO expect nothing less of you than to keep going in the fight to end male entitlement and also for first-class exit strategies for women in prostitution. I insist on this even for the noxious, entitled types featured in this smarmy piece of shit propaganda above.

I really haven’t found anything to like about men as a class even though I like some as individuals. I will continue to dissuade men who are relieved that I don’t kick them in the guts when I meet them that it is because somehow I think they have been hoodwinked or are innocent in all this. But my manners are generally okay and I’m frankly not a misanthropic kind of ‘girl’.

But these socially unconscious and self-centred “sex workers”and me can handle our in-fight while you get on with the work of letting every man and boy,( disabled, poor, rich or otherwise), know that sex is not a human right and that money does not equal consent but circumvents it entirely, no matter how many pimp-funded leaflets, promos, banners, paid “sex worker” activists and documentaries tell you otherwise.

Thank you.  I really mean it. But as you can see I’ve still spent a lot of time having a go at other women about this so count yourself fucking lucky if you are a man.

I’ll keep fighting but only men can stop the sex-trade.

Sex, Gender, and the New Essentialism

Sister Outrider

A brief foreword: This is the first in a series of essays on sex, gender, and sexuality. If you agree with what I have written, that is fine. If you disagree with any of the following content, that is also perfectly fine. Either way, your life will go on undisturbed after you close this tab irrespective of what you think about this post.

I refuse to remain silent for fear of being branded the wrong type of feminist.  I refuse to remain silent as other women are harassed and abused for their views on gender. In the spirit of sisterhood, this post is dedicated to Julie Bindel. Our views may not always converge, but I am very glad of her work to end male violence against women. In the words of the late, great Audre Lorde: “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.”

When I first enrolled as a Gender…

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Dear transactivists: stop no-platforming feminists

writing by renee

One of the key, stated motivations driving liberal transactivists is to end unjust violence and discrimination inflicted on a marginalised group: violence that should never be condoned. Many transactivists I know are community-minded liberals who want to make life easier for a minority group suffering discrimination – and that is fair enough.

I would be on board with this campaign, too, if it was not in actual fact so clearly focussed on attacking women; and if it did not pose such a huge, persistent and aggressive threat to women. Transactivism has to date been so effective in its silencing and bullying of women too, at taking down feminists whatever their public profile, that it also reveals itself as something much bigger and more sinister than a grassroots movement based on solidarity.

It also makes no sense to attack women, and feminists, if your ultimate concern is with gender-based violence…

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Male Violence – Masking the Agent

Reclaim the Night Perth, Australia


This is the speech given by Caitlin Roper, Campaigns Manager at Collective Shout, at the 2016 Reclaim the Night rally in Perth.

A domestic violence worker is found shot to death in her home in Victoria. A 21-year-old woman is stabbed 80 times after breaking up with her boyfriend. A Doubleview father douses his three young children in petrol and sets them alight. A five-year-old girl is sexually abused by an older family friend. A man walks into a school, movie theatre, or a crowded street, and starts shooting.

What do all of these seemingly isolated incidents have in common?

They are all examples of male violence.

Of course we rarely identify them as such. We use more neutral, watered down terms such as ‘domestic violence’, ‘family violence’, ‘violence against women’, ‘intimate partner violence’ or ‘gender-based violence’- all of which conveniently fail to recognize and name the perpetrators, without…

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